5 Sophisticated Spirits for National Liqueur Day – 16th October 2019!

Hedgepig Cambridge Gage Liqueur 

Hedgepig’s Cambridge Gage Liqueur makes a delicious cocktail when topped with Prosecco. Alternatively it is perfect to enjoy a cosy tipple by the fire or as an excellent accompaniment to cheese and desserts. Cambridge Gage is a member of the plum family and is grown in local orchards or foraged from the East Anglian hedgerows. Sugar levels in Hedgepig’s Liqueurs are lower than many other fruit gin liqueurs so it can be enjoyed guilt-free! Also, 50p from every bottle sale is also donated to The British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Hedgepig also have 3 other liqueur flavours available including Glorious Gooseberry, Wild Bullace & Quince, and Zesty Elderflower.

Available from: www.fruityhedgepig.com

RRP 50cl: £32.00 or 20cl: £16.00


Lanique Spirit of Rose 

Lanique Spirit of Rose is best enjoyed with tonic water as an alternative to a Gin and Tonic or lends a splash of sophistication to sparkling wine and champagne.

This is a distinctive spirit liqueur made to an original recipe that uses thousands of hand-picked rose petals. The rose petals give Lanique its natural rose taste and aroma, whilst also creating the vibrant and bold pink colour.

Lanique is distilled from Attar of Rose; a liquid as valuable as gold. This exotic ingredient is created by steam distilling thousands of hand-picked rose petals that are sourced from the East. The Attar of Rose is then added in a slow, multi-part process with carefully selected sugars and a neutral fine grain spirit.

RRP: £22.50 for 50 cl or £29.50 for 70cl

Available from: Amazon and Master of Malt


London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur 

London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur is best enjoyed with London to Lima Gin and tonic water, garnished with berries or neat over ice. Made with mulberries grown next to the London to Lima Peruvian distillery and coca lead from the same supplier as a famous Cola brand, the Gin Liqueur is rich and delicious.

London to Lima Gin represents an adventure which began when Alex (British) met Karena (Peruvian). The name reflects the journey that Alex and his family took when prior to leaving the UK in 2012, Alex became a liverymen of the Distillers and began to hone his own distillation technique. Alex and Karena then put two 20 litre copper pot stills in a container that went from London to Lima and so the adventure began. Their original London to Lima Gin is made with Peruvian grapes that have been used for centuries to make the national spirit, Pisco, which is distilled three times and blended with water from glaciers in the Andes.

The bottle is made from recycled glass based on the shape of a hip flask, with each having its own distinct markings, distinguishing one from the other, providing you with your own unique bottle of London to Lima.


Pinkster Royale

This rich raspberry spirit makes for a fabulous cocktail – a member of the Pinkster family it is made from up-cycled gin soaked raspberries and contains no added sugar.

Pinkster Royale is best enjoyed added to a glass of your favourite fizz or neat over ice.

Available from: www.pinkstergin.com

RRP: £25.00 for 35cl


Kokoro Gin Liqueurs 

Kokoro Gin Liqueurs are British Gin Liqueurs with a Japanese heart!.

The Cherry Blossom expression is best served in the Sakura 75 cocktail. Simply shake together 20ml Kokoro Gin, 20ml Kokoro Cherry Blossom Liqueur and 10ml Lemon Juice.

Strain into a long flute, top up with 125ml  Prosecco or Champagne and garnish with a cherry.

The images on the bottles form a triptych of Mount Bandai in Fukushima prefecture, painted by Koshu, the master calligrapher who also painted the Hiragana of Kokoro on Kokoro’s London Dry Gin bottle.

The Liqueur bottles also include the kanji meanings of ‘Hanakotoba’, the Japanese language of flowers where Cherry Blossom stands for elegance. Kokoro’s Cherry Blossom Liqueur, Sakura in Japanese, has a uniquely floral flavour and the softest hint of sweet cherry.

Kokoro also have two more liqueurs which include Blueberry & Lemongrass and Yuzu & Ginger.

Available from kokorogin.com as a 20cl gift set for £37.50 or as individual bottles from £12.50 for 20cl or £20.50 for 50cl.

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