A miracle for Millie: 26 mile sponsored wheelchair push along Deal Seafront for young woman with agonising Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

Could you, your company, friends or family sponsor a wheelchair in ‘The Big Push’ to help raise money for young Millie from Kent who has no break from an agonising neurological condition?

Life for Millie is now unrecognisable, with no rest from chronic pain.

About Millie and CRPS

CRPS – DUBBED THE ‘SUICIDE DISEASE’ Because people with this condition want to end their lives due to the severe pain they suffer.

“Millie is my daughter she is the kindest, most sensitive and most genuine soul. Her story is heartbreaking and for the last five and a half years we’ve watched her endure the relentless pain and intense suffering of a cruel neurological condition.” Says Nat, Millie’s Mum. “In 2017 aged 17 she was living her best life, studying her last year of A-levels, having driving lessons and deciding on all the wonderful things that she wanted to accomplish in her life. Now, the only dream she has is to not be in this debilitating pain.”

CRPS is a poorly understood condition which is a progressive disease of the Autonomic Nervous System, more specifically, the Sympathetic Nervous System. The pain is characterised as constant, persistent severe, debilitating and extremely intense. CRPS causes nerves to misfire, sending constant pain signals to the brain.

Unbearable sores and swellings are just one small side effect of CRPS

CRPS is difficult to diagnose, and there is no known cure. It is life-altering and negatively impacts daily living, it remains one of the most widely under-recognized and misdiagnosed chronic pain conditions. The pain is typically accompanied by swelling, skin changes and extreme sensitivity. It usually affects one or more of the four limbs but can occur in any part of the body, and over 70% of victims, it spreads to additional areas. Millie’s has spread full body the only area not affected is the right side of her face, it has taken over her body.

Millie is unable to stand. Her skin burns and anything that touches it can feel agonising.

Millie also suffers from muscle spasms, tremors and weakness in her limbs and this horrendous disease has robbed her of the ability to walk she can now only walk on her hands and knees she can no longer stand.

Millie was just a normal, happy teenage girl with lots to look forward to.

To find out more about Millie’s day to day life, read more about her symptoms and what else her CRPS has lead to visit: Miracle for Millie here you can also listen to her Mum Nat’s story and Millie’s own account firsthand.

There are no specialised treatments in the UK for CRPS and little is known about this neurological disease.

How can you help?

On Monday 29th May, a 26 mile sponsored wheelchair push will be taking place along Deal Seafront to help get Millie to America for treatment.

Any gratefully received donations would help to cover Millie’s treatments at the Spero Clinic in the USA. It will also help with specialised accommodation and travel from The United Kingdom to The USA. There are no specialised treatments or techniques offered to restore the balance of the nervous system in the UK.

Collectively, supporters can sponsor a mile in ‘The Big Push’, cheer from the sidelines or walk the seafront to get involved.

Organiser Zac Hassan said, “We are asking not only individuals to come along and support by walking with us, but also companies to complete a mile for Millie. Sponsorship for one person to sit in one wheelchair and one to push is £500 plus any additional sponsorship as a company you might wish to raise.”

To donate to Miracle for Millie or get involved in The Big Push along Deal Seafront visit:



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