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Add a touch of magic to your wedding

Have you ever thought about hiring a close-up magician for your wedding reception? If not, why not? Kent based magician, Etienne Pradier has cast his spell over many a big day offering a special kind of entertainment that will make your wedding day one to remember. insideKENT spoke to Etienne about his career and why he feels a wedding magician is such a great addition to the day.

What made you want to become a magician? 

A long time ago I saw a guy in France – a friend of my dad’s, actually – and he was doing some tricks, which really impressed me. I was just a child, of course, and children don’t really decide on their careers at such a young age, so it didn’t strike me that I could actually become a magician, I just thought it was cool. It stuck with me, though.

I didn’t do any magic professionally until I went on a cruise around Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Someone asked me if I wanted to do some magic on the cruise and I jumped at the chance.

Why close up magic? 

I do a stage show as well, but close-up magic is great because it is so personal; you really get to see people’s reactions. It gives the watcher a unique experience. It’s not like on stage where there is a distance between the magician and the audience, so people assume you’re trying to trick them and might not have as much fun with it.

With close-up magic you can talk to people, show your true personality and do a lot more too. It’s more like a little friendship that develops.

Do you have a favourite trick? 

I love so many of them…I’m not sure I could pick a favourite. The pickpocket is a good one, so is the bottle through the table. And there’s the signed card in the sealed bottle, of course – that’s my trademark trick, it’s the one I did (amongst others) for Penn and Teller when I managed to fool them. But really, every trick is good!  

You fooled Penn and Teller with that fantastic card trick. Was that a career highlight? Does anything else you’ve done come close? 

It was good, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t as pleased with my performance as I could’ve been. The trick was good and it did fool them so that was great, but I’ve done it better. Much better! Also, I don’t like to look at the past, just the future and I’m excited about everything that’s yet to come.

Is the idea of having a magician at a wedding becoming more popular? 

I remember being one of the first to come up with the idea. Maybe the first of all. I went to a wedding fair and suggested to couples that I could provide some entertainment. You know how weddings are, after the initial excitement there is a lot of waiting around, especially between the main meal and the evening time. So why not have someone like me going around making people laugh, amazing them and keeping them entertained?

Why does close-up magic work so well at weddings? 

It’s a great ice breaker. People who might not know one another very well can come together and enjoy the magic and maybe talk to one another. And it’s fun. Magicians are a great time filler!

It’s also nice for the bride and groom; they don’t have to worry about their guests being bored, so they can relax and do what they need to do, plus they’ll have a wedding that everyone will remember for a long time to come.

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