Adopt a donkey or give a virtual “Gift That Brings Smiles”

Safe Haven for Donkeys is a UK charity providing veterinary care for the thousands of donkeys and mules working in Israel and the Palestinian Territories (West Bank) and more recently in the brick kilns in Egypt. This Christmas, they would love to share some charitable gifting ideas with insideKENT readers at this seasonal time of giving and goodwill.

How we can help raise funds for the donkeys

Safe Haven offers a donkey adoption scheme as well as virtual gifts in the form of vouchers – these gifting options will bring some much-needed help for the donkeys in Israel and the West Bank.

Adopt a donkey

For just £3 a month, or £36 a year, you can give the donkeys the love and care they need. These long-suffering donkeys need all the medical care and attention we can offer them, to help recover from the terrible conditions and lack of care they have sadly grown used to. After helping them back to health, they can now live a happier life at the sanctuary.

Donkey adoptions make a fantastic gift for animal lovers of any age and you can choose your own donkey from the link here. From baby donkeys to the older drove of retirees, there’s bound to be a donkey that appeals especially to you – perhaps the aptly named Noelle?

The adoption pack

With every adoption you receive:

  • A photo of your adopted donkey
  • A record card
  • An adoption certificate
  • An ‘I’ve Adopted a Donkey’ window sticker
  • A small cuddly donkey (UK only)
  • Updates on your adopted donkey

Other virtual gift ideas from Safe Haven for Donkeys

Gifts That Bring Smiles – choose a gift voucher to bring a smile to the face of the recipient, as well as a donkey, this Christmas! Starting at just £5, there is a range of virtual gifts that you can buy for the donkeys to enjoy. We have put together a few of the most popular virtual gifts at a range of prices and each comes with a gift card to give to the recipient.

Milk for a baby – £8

Who could resist helping an abandoned baby donkey who needs to be bottle-fed, to ensure they put on vital weight and have the best chance of developing into a healthy, strong adult?

A bed for the night – £15

When donkeys first arrive at the rescue centre, they are often tired, undernourished and suffering with wounds or injuries. Comfy bedding and a safe roof over their weary heads can make all the difference, instantly making them feel more comfortable.

Dinner for a donkey – £20

Donkeys love nothing more than chomping on fresh hay, their tails swishing with joy. It’s the perfect food for them, full of roughage, nutrition and energy. This gift will feed a donkey for a week.

To see the full range of “Gifts That Bring Smiles” visit here.

The donkey sanctuary and rescue centres

The sanctuary in Israel where around 200 donkeys could be cared for at one time, needs constant attention if it’s to remain a safe home for the donkeys who live there. These virtual gifts and any funds raised help keep the sanctuary running safely and for the donkeys to have the medical care they need, as well as keeping them fed and sheltered.

At any given day at the Nablus rescue centre in Palestine, around 40 donkeys are fed, brushed, loved and cared for. These are animals who’ve been found abandoned – often injured – or rescued from owners who could not feed or care for them properly.

Safe Haven for Donkeys has support from a mix of British actors, broadcasters and presenters, including Kay Burley, Anthony Head, Jan Leeming and Peter Egan. and to donate here.

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