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ALL THE FAMILY with Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Involve every generation in summer holiday outings to create lasting memories.

Get the most from summer holiday outings by taking to the great outdoors with the extended family. Special connections can grow between the youngest and oldest, all that’s needed is time to spend together. Here are some simple things to do together that don’t cost anything extra:

  1. Make a family tree

Really, make one with twigs or sticks! Hang the names of the relatives near and far, past and present off the different branches. You’ll be amazed what memories and stories emerge as you fill in all the gaps.

Riverhill sticky frames

  1. Children’s picnic cook-up

Kids love cooking outdoors and food tastes better. Find a wild spot and let them help you cook up a feast using a simple gas stove. Think sausages and bacon in a bun or perhaps a delicious hash with some leftover veg. 

  1. Set a treasure hunt

A firm favourite at Riverhill is the Egg Box Scavenger Hunt. Choose your categories: something soft, something scratchy, something red. Then send scavengers off with an egg box to find something from each category for each hole. 

  1. Make do & Mend: Create a hobby creature from odds and ends

Another Riverhill favourite! Stuff an old stripy sock and attach it with a rubber band to a long stick. Then raid your kitchen for things to decorate it with. Cut out felt or cloth for eyes and ears, glue beans and pulses for body markings. Use sticks for antlers. Why not make a herd of them? Who can make the weirdest animal? Invent a name for your new species and then take them for a gallop in the woods.

Riverhill Leaping boy

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