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Are you ‘cool’ enough to be a “sub-zero science hero” in Doc. Yard’s Secret Lab?

Find out at The Historic Dockyard Chatham – Two weeks to go!

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Following a successful summer of science spectaculars, Doc. Yard, The Historic Dockyard’s brilliant but slightly eccentric resident professor, is away on another intrepid expedition; this time pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration and visiting both the North and South Poles via the shortest route possible – through the centre of the earth!  Back at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, Doc’s trusty assistant Bunsen is trying to find ways to keep the Doc safe from the extremes of the subzero cold and needs the Dockyard’s growing army of Techsplorers to ‘chill out’ in the Secret Lab and help with some “cool” new research.

Every day during February half term (13th – 21st February); then during weekends and through the Easter holidays, Bunsen will be looking for volunteer Techsplorers to become ‘Sub-Zero Heroes’ and assist in hands on family friendly experiments.  To break the ice, our intrepid Techsplorers will have to prove they’re cool enough to enter the Secret Lab.  They will be issued with lab coat and glasses and scanned using Bunsen’s ‘cool-techtor’ thermal imaging camera to make sure they’re super cool.  Once inside, the Techsplorers will work through the different zones of the Secret Lab – plunging into a series of hands on ‘sub-zero’ scientific experiments, ranging from “Ice Cube Challenge” and “Antarctic Ice Creams” to “Super Cool Sculpture” and culminating in the “Solid CO2 Spectacular”.

Speaking from the coolest lab on earth, Bunsen said; “2016 will be an extremely exciting year for me and the Doc, with brand new spaces to explore within the dockyard and new experiments to trial!  These “super cool” experiments will take our Techsplorers on a journey from room temperature to minus 70 degrees – even colder than the Arctic!”

Doc. Yard’s Secret Lab runs throughout the day from 10.30am until 3pm, every weekend and every day during school holidays from 13th February until 17th April and is included in the normal dockyard annual ticket, giving unlimited return visits during normal dockyard opening times.

More information on how to embark on an 80 acre maritime adventure and what’s new for 2016 at The Historic Dockyard Chatham can be found at

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