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Best Weekend Jaunts From Kent

We all need a break sometimes, but taking a few weeks off is normally only reserved for once or twice a year. That can make it hard to get the reprieve we need from the daily grind, but there is a solution. Weekends are big chunks of time, and if you’ve got no plans for your Saturdays and Sundays, then there’s nothing stopping you from jumping in the car or booking a train ticket and heading somewhere new.

You can cram a lot of activities or relaxation over a weekend, and there are some fantastic attractions and delights that might not be as far away from Kent as you might think. Here’s where you should head if you’ve got a free weekend and the urge to escape.

The School Tour

There are organised tours available, or you can load the car and take control yourself and go exploring some of the most iconic schools in the world. Oxford, Windsor, and Eton are all within easy driving distance, and you can even do them all in a day if you want to race. From castles to museums, and even a little classy shopping in Westgate and Clarendon shopping centre, this is a great way to spend a weekend away, and you might even return home smarter than when you left.

The Sussex Weekend

It’s easy to forget just how close Sussex is to Kent. A short (and pleasant) drive or even a scenic train journey can get you to Sussex and the South Downs very easily, and there’s plenty to do once you’re there. You could get yourself some quality accommodation for your break, with Amberley House Cottages having a great selection. Doing so will make this holiday much more special.

Once you’ve relaxed, you have plenty of time to check out Drusillas Zoo (the best small zoo in Europe) or choose from the massive range of museums, take a boat trip down the Wey and Arun Canal, or even just meander through stunning classical villages like Wadhurst.

World Heritage Sites

Never forget that there are actually two UNESCO World Heritage sites very close to Kent. It can take just a couple of hours to get to Stonehenge, and whether you’re there for a solstice or just to feel the quiet whispers of history, there’s something very special about the ancient stones. Once you’ve done with the mysterious structure, Bath is very close, and it too is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to being one of the oldest cities in the country. There’s plenty to explore in this bustling and cosmopolitan city that still retains that peaceful atmosphere that could be the key to unwinding over your weekend break.

If work or school is getting you down, it can be very easy to crawl onto the sofa and binge watch TV shows until the dreaded Monday returns. If you want to get more from your weekend, then it might be time to load up the boot, dust off your suitcase, and head off on an adventure.

No matter how far you want to escape to, there are plenty of sights, sounds, mysteries and adventures to be had in our wonderful corner of the world. Don’t miss out.

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