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Bird & Blend Tea Announces new flavour range for January and beyond

The UK’s most loved indie tea company, are on a mission to spread happiness and reimagine tea with health and wellness at the forefront of the newest flavour range for January and beyond

The 2024 health, wellness and dry January range boasts wonderful wellbeing flavours such as; Lemon & Ginger, Moondrop Dreams, Cold Weather Warrior, The Digester and a whole range of Matcha flavours

Full range of flavours, curated wellness rich boxes and tea tools below, which are available alongside the 100+ flavours available on the tea wall at Bird & Blend Tea Co. stores and online:

January health and wellness boosters

  • Moondrop Dreams tea bags, £6.95, Available previously as loose tea, now in tea bags.  A perfect blend of ingredients to aid relaxation and sleep, featuring rooibos, apple pieces, rosehip, lavender, lemon and orange peel.  Caffeine free, plastic free and vegan
  • Lemon & Ginger tea bags, £6.95, Tea bags are brand new for 2024 (also available in loose tea), Lemon & Ginger herbal tea combines high-quality lemon myrtle & fiery ginger root which boasts a stronger flavour than mainstream similar teas.  Caffeine free, plastic free and vegan
  • Cold Weather Warrior tea bags, £6.95, Also brand new in a 15 tea bags box, features a blend of herbs known to help soothe blocked sinuses, sore throats, cold & flu!  Ingredients include aniseed, echinacea, chilli and peppermint.  Caffeine free, plastic free and vegan
  • The Digester Tea bags, £6.95, The tea that does exactly as it says on the box, it helps with digestion and kickstarts the metabolism whilst supporting general gut health.  The oolong boosts metabolism, ginger to calm the stomach, fennel as a digestion stimulant and ginseng to boost energy.  Plastic free and vegan
  • Matcha Starter Kit, £30, Providing everything needed to prepare a matcha tea, including a bamboo whisk, 30g tin of matcha powder and a perfect matcha tea spoon.  The image features Turmeric Tea Powder which is a blend of turmeric, cinnamon, rooibos, ginger & black pepper and combined are known to have anti-inflammatory oxidant properties.  Other flavours available in the Matcha Starter Kit include; Ice Cream, Salted Caramel, Pure Grade and Raspberry Ripple
  • Matcha Selection Box£36, Brand new look and flavours for 2024!  A curated selection of flavours with x12 tins, enough for a matcha a day.  Features the best-seller flavours; Birthday Cake, Pina Colada, Banana, Super (Blueberry & Acai) and Ice Cream, amongst others.  Plastic free and vegan
  • Moment of Calm Selection Box, £24, Four caffeine-free, relaxing, sleepy time teas inside the curated Moment of Calm Tea Selection gift box; Deep Breaths which has all the super herbs anyone needs are in this cleansing, soothing & naturally decaf tea blend. Big chunks of ginger, fresh cut peppermint leaves & whole camomile flowers have a cleansing & calming effect, Peppy Mint which is the tastiest peppermint tea out there, with a refreshing, crisp blend of whole peppermint leaves & blue cornflower, Dozy Girl is a comforting combination of lavender, chamomile and rose. A naturally caffeine-free blend, perfect for getting cosy before bedtime. Also nicknamed ‘The Parent’s Little Helper’ and ‘The Chillaxer’… it’s a miracle in a cup!  Deckchair Dreaming is a calming blend of chamomile, with hints of crisp apple, will have drinkers dreaming all through January
  • Ginger Beer, from £7.15 (loose), The best-selling rooibos tea that tastes just like the real thing, can be drunk hot or cold and brewed in sparkling water or lemonade and contains ginger for aiding digestion, lime leaves and lemon peel.  Caffeine free and vegan
  • Good Calmer Tea, from £7.55 (loose), A gingernut biscuit taste with ingredients to help aid digestion with calming, nutritive & anti-inflammatory properties…featuring cocoa nibs, ginger, turmeric and oat flowering tops.  Caffeine free and vegan


Dry January…flavour satisfiers

  • Mojitea, from £6.30, A green tea inspired by the classic Mojito cocktail which is great cold brewed in lemonade.  The tea is a mix of Chinese green tea, peppermint, lime pieces and leaves and more.  Caffeine free and vegan
  • Pina Colada, from £7.15, A fruit tea inspired by the classic cocktail which is ideal cold brewed and features a mix of apple pieces, desiccated coconut, freeze-dried pineapple, rosehip, orange blossom and more.  Caffeine free, plastic free and vegan
  • Peach Soda, £7.40, Brand new in tea bags for 2024, Peach Soda is a best seller with a fruity, tropical and sweet flavour and a great cold brew as an alternative to an alcoholic choice or sugary drinks.  Freeze-dried peach, orange peel and rose petals alongside other ingredients create this flavour.  Caffeine free, plastic free and vegan
  • Sangria, from £7.15, A caffeine free fruit tea that tastes just like the classic cocktail and is a mix of hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip cardamon and more.  Caffeine free and vegan


Tea Tools

  • Handheld milk & matcha frother (electric whisk), £13.95, the Bird & Blend recommended matcha frother tool of choice which whisks matcha to perfection and can also be used for frothy milk and matcha lattes
  • Brewdini Gravity Steeper, £19.50, The loose lead tea brewing tool of choice which drip free, dishwasher safe and has a fine mesh to catch all the loose leaves
  • Cold Brew Bottle, £32, The absolute for creating alcohol free alternatives.  It has a built in infuser filter, in the glass bottle, for no fuss cold brewing and available in sapphire blue and passionate yellow.  Fill with a flavour of choice and leave in the fridge


The wider range of products at Bird & Blend Tea Co. includes Gift Boxes, Gift Cubes, Pick N Mix loose leaf Pouches, Matcha Tea gifts and an array of Tea Tools and drinking bits…samples available for all.

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