Breaside Preparatory School, located in Bromley, Kent, prepares pupils from 2½ to 11 years for both Grammar and Independent Senior Schools in a caring and nurturing environment.  Once again, SATs and 11+ entry results for 2016 were outstanding, with 100% of Year 6 pupils gaining their first choice at Senior School.  50% of pupils received scholarships to Independent Senior Schools which is a potential saving of £35,000 per child over their secondary school life. 

Should I choose Breaside Preparatory School for my child?

As the name suggests, the role of preparatory schools is to prepare your child for their entrance into senior education, so don’t be surprised to see a plethora of subjects on the curriculum. Your child will experience a well-rounded education albeit in a nurturing environment. Classes are significantly smaller, allowing all pupils to progress. At the same time, this allows all staff to know their pupils and therefore offer a bespoke curriculum. Self-confidence is encouraged and children are constantly motivated to enjoy and embrace all the opportunities that arise within this positive learning environment.

Should you choose a preparatory school for your child? Well, if you want to give them the best possible start in life, then the answer has to be yes.  The investment will pay off as you see your child blossom into a well-rounded, self-confident, individual, and ready to face the world!

For more information or a personal tour of the School and Kindergarten please call 020 8460 0916,,

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