BRIT Kids will be launching a Saturday School in Partnership and on the premises of Canterbury College. Catering for both the Creative and Performing Arts they will be offering Theatre, Dance, Singing, Digital Design, Film Making and Art Club to local 8-18 year olds.

BRIT Kids is part of the renowned BRIT School, a unique free Performing Arts and Technology School in Croydon. BRIT Kids is fee paying, however rates are competitive and you sign up for as few or as many classes as you want.

The BRIT School launched BRIT Kids 18 years ago to reach out to the local community and offer its equipment and studios when they would otherwise be unused. BRIT kids at The BRIT School now has 850 students attend every weekend and offers 17 different creative arts subjects, it is due to this success that BRIT Kids has been launched nationally.

BRIT Kids is interested in a melting pot of creativity, allowing children to move between the Performing and Creative Classes, meaning there is something for everyone. They have a strong ethos for how this creativity is delivered and wish for this to be reflected in each BRIT Kids Saturday School.

This is not your normal Saturday school. BRIT Kids welcomes all children, from all walks of life and creative abilities. BRIT Kids is not to judge on creative ability but to encourage commitment, good attendance and praise fully focused participation.  Teachers are encouraged to take risks and step out of their comfort zone. The joy of teaching at BRIT Kids is that although we have high expectations, teachers are not confined by a curriculum.

BRIT Kids has committed to going nationally through partnerships with other educational settings. This means that The BRIT School can keep the education of the arts at its centre and any profits made go back into The BRIT School and the partnership school.

Canterbury College were an ideal partnership. They have a well-equipped and large site that can accommodate all areas of BRIT Kids. Alongside this and most importantly, they had the enthusiasm to champion this collaboration, realising the potential impact it could have on both the local community and Canterbury College itself.

The Creative and Performing arts have had a tough time in education over the past few years meaning that the need for children to have alternative spaces to explore their creativity is vital.

BRIT Kids has a structure underpinning it that comes direct from The BRIT School, meaning that they reflect the high levels of teaching and learning at the Saturday Schools. Simply because the classes happen on a Saturday they believe they should not be any less considered and planned for.

BRIT Kids National Lead, BRIT Kids at The BRIT School Director, said

‘’ Our values are Creativity, Challenge, Community. I have Directed BRIT Kids at The BRIT School for 14 years and am thrilled that we are now taking this amazing provision to Canterbury. BRIT Kids has grown to the scale it has in Croydon through a commitment to deliver high quality creative and performing arts classes. Alongside this, the understanding that we are community classes and being supportive of our young people and teachers alike means we have created something really rather special in Croydon. I grew up in Kent and went to school in Canterbury so am doubly excited to be giving back to the local community.’’ 

The BRIT School Principal, said:

‘’ I am a huge fan of BRIT Kids and think that it is a brilliant place for any young person interested in the performing creative arts to explore, join in, have adventures and gain skills. There is a fantastic energy on Saturdays at school as young artists, photographers, game designers, dancers, actors, singers and fashion designers bring their ideas and imagination to the school. I have been lucky to have seen numerous BRIT Kids events over the years, from huge street dance performances, lovingly designed T-shirts, professional films and animation pieces, a really skilful choir and powerful pieces of drama.’’

Canterbury College Principal, said:

Canterbury College is extremely excited to be working in partnership with BRIT Kids. The Creative Arts are a large part of our curriculum offer and we have fantastic facilities which can now be put to good use at the weekends too.  Developing creativity is one of the College’s values and is becoming more and more important to employers.  This will not only be an opportunity for our current students to take advantage of but also many of our staff are looking forward to their children taking one of the classes too. We are in the ideal location as we are within walking distance of the city centre and have amble parking at the weekends, so very easy to drop your children off and go and do some shopping. For the older teenagers we are within walking distance of the bus station or the train station.  This is not only really exciting for Canterbury College but also for the communities surrounding it.’’

A BRIT Kids parent, said:

‘’ ……Thanks from me too. It takes something special to get teenagers out of bed on a Saturday morning – and BRIT Kids is that special.’’

A BRIT Kids parent, said:

‘’ I would just like to say one thing about my daughters time with you.  When she joined at 11 years old, she had left Primary School after what had been a challenging time for her, having sadly experienced bullying from the age of 7.  Brit Kids gave her a safe place to visit each week, allowed her to make friends that were creative and different (just like her!) and I have seen such a transformation over the years for which she, and I, will always be grateful so THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  All the staff there are just so kind and supportive – it really doesn’t go unnoticed.’’ 

A BRIT Kids teacher, said:

‘’ BRIT Kids is a place where you can watch creativity in its rawness thrive. To Be part of a community that offers young people the chance to meet people from all different environments, grow, and work together producing challenging shows, is a joy and a blessing to be a part of.’’

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