10 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

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With the recent popularity of work-from-home or hybrid workplaces, it’s getting harder to maintain a work-life balance. However, it’s important to our mental and physical health to maintain a reasonable distance between our work and daily lives. Here are 10 tips for those struggling to achieve work-life balance.

  • Treat yourself. After a stressful workday, ease your stress by relaxing and not thinking about anything work-related for the rest of the evening. You can watch TV, get a relaxing massage with organic CBD oil, or play video games.
  • Stick to your work hours. Remember that you’re being paid to work 40 hours a week, so don’t push yourself to go past that. As much as possible, try not to bring your work home and keep the home a work-free space.
  • Embrace your hobbies. Work shouldn’t be on your mind 24/7. Once you finish work for the day, make time for what you love, whether it’s cooking, crafts, or sports.
  • Be more organised. Planning allows you to avoid forgetting any important commitments. Take advantage of scheduling apps to remind yourself when important work deadlines and family events are approaching.
  • Learn to say ‘no’.  Don’t let your eagerness to impress your boss come at the expense of your personal life. If taking on the task means you’ll have to work overtime, decline and explain why you can’t take on more work.
  • Disconnect. When you’re not at work, log off from your work email and politely inform your colleagues not to reach out unless it’s an emergency.
  • Manage your finances. We often work ourselves to the breaking point because we need the money. Find ways to generate passive income or lower your expenses. Maybe you can share your apartment with a roommate or live with your family. You could also try monetizing your hobbies and lowering food costs by cooking instead of ordering out.
  • Spend time with your family. Don’t let work keep you from missing important milestones in your family’s lives. When you make promises to your kids or spouse, ensure you don’t break them in favour of work. When you finally get an extended leave, do something special with your family like taking them on a special holiday.
  • Reach out to your friends. Being a working adult doesn’t mean you won’t get to spend time with your friends anymore. Work around each other’s schedules so you can go out for dinner or a fun activity.
  • Don’t forget “Me Time”. Between work and your family, you also need time for yourself to reflect and refresh yourself for the next day. This keeps you from getting burned out and helps you perform better at work.

As admirable as it is when an employee is dedicated to their work, remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a job, and there are more important things in life. Don’t let your ambition cause you to neglect your health or fracture your relationship with your family and friends.





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