15 DIY Halloween Decorations

October 31st is the perfect time to enjoy with family and friends, but this year, the pandemic has
taken some fun away. Looking for some last moment home decoration ideas for Halloween?
Trick your abode with these creepiest yet cutest DIY Halloween home décor ideas.

1. Ghost Balloons
Create a spooky environment with this DIY ghost balloon party décor. Take white balloons,
draw ghost faces with a permanent marker, and then stick some crèpe paper beneath the balloons
to get the maximum effect.

2. Embroidery hoop spider web
This year, try an easy DIY version of the spider web instead of regular synthetic spider webs.
Take your old embroidery hoop and weave a woolen spider web into it. Then, fix a big black
spider with the hoop. Place it on the wall or the door. This simple spooky piece is sure to give a

3. Halloween Stamped Doormat
This DIY Halloween doormat is among the easiest Halloween décor. Welcome the guests in your
spooky abode with this spooky stamped doormat. You have to print a stencil— dab on a coat of
black paint and straight paint it on your floor mat. It's easy to remove as well.

4. Halloween spider garland
Decorate your fireplace or the door with spider garland with staff available in your household.
This creepy garland needs only two basic craft supplies—baker’s twine and pipe cleaner.

5. Halloween Hand soap
Create a horror in your bathroom as well. Shock your guest least expectedly with dreadful
Halloween hand soap. This Halloween hand soap is very easy to craft, and you don't even need a
mold. Just take a mason jar, fill the jar with transparent soap, and some eyeballs-drawn ping-
pong balls.

6. Broom door décor
Try something extraordinary this year, Halloween. Instead of decorating your door with a
traditional Halloween wreath, decorate it with vintage broomsticks.

7. Tissue ghosts
Make frightful yet friendly ghosts with honeycomb decoration balls. Simply draw ghoulish faces
on honeycomb balls and wrap them with transparent white tissues.

8. Paper bats
You can craft so many budget-friendly Halloween projects with papers, and among them, the
most popular is paper bats flying over the mantle. Cut black papers into the shape of bats and
stick those with glue, and you are ready to boo.

9. Skull vase
Want to create something creepy yet chic? Create a skull vase with foam coated in charcoal paint
and contrast it with many white flowers.

10. Pumpkin succulent planter
If you are a plant lover, you’ll love this idea. Flaunt your love for succulents into your fall décor
by planting them in a faux pumpkin. You can use a real pumpkin, but it will get mushy after a

11.  Friendly ghost garland
Decorate your abode with a friendly ghost garland. You will need some cheesecloth, hot glue,
and some plastic golf balls to make those friendly ghosts. Draw their face and friendly smile with
a permanent marker and hang them with a rope.

12. Simple jack-o-lantern balloon garland
Create this simple DIY Jack-o-lantern balloon garland with some orange balloons. Draw spooky
faces on the balloon and tie them in a rope. Hang this garland wherever you want. It’s that easy.

13. Bleach pen napkins
Surprise your dinner guests with these hand-drawn bleach pen napkins. Draw the spider web on
the front of the napkin. Let these sit for at least two hours and see the magic. Rinse and dry the
napkins before you place them on the table.

14. Halloween dream catchers
Looking for a fun alternative to Halloween wreath? You can Try Halloween dream catchers
instead. This Halloween dream catchers are super easy to craft. You will only need woolen
spider webs and leftover fabric scraps.

15. Paint splattered pumpkin
Pumpkin craft cannot be much easier than this DIY decoration. Paint the pumpkin and splatter in
white and black for a minimalist spooky effect.


Some of the research used in this piece was originally conducted by Betway.






















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