3 Hormones That Can Make You Happier


When you feel happy or sad, do you actually know what’s happening within your body to make you feel like that? The truth is that your emotions aren’t actually all in your head. Instead, how you feel is dictated by chemicals released by glands in your brain that are transported to receptors in your body.


There are chemicals, also known as hormones, which are responsible for many emotions. Here’s a look at three hormones that can help make you feel a lot happier and what you can do to release them.




Dopamine is a core hormone that’s responsible for feelings of satisfaction and contentment. Usually, they’re released after you’ve achieved something that you’ve worked hard for, such as doing a good job at work or after finishing a tough exercise.


The thing with dopamine is that it hits fast and then dissipates really quickly, meaning that many people are chasing this feeling, and that is why they are driven to achieve things.


However, with your mobile phone, there are now other ways to release dopamine. One is through social media. You’ll likely get a dopamine boost when you get a mention, like, follow, or another form of engagement signal. This is what makes social media so enjoyable for many people.


Online casino gaming can also help you release dopamine. When you successfully win a bet, you’ll get this feeling of excitement and satisfaction. It’s for this reason that many people play casino games. If you’re interested in giving it a try, review the top Australian online casino sites to find the best platform for you.




These are hormones that are released throughout your body when you exercise. They can make you feel good, energised, and simply much happier in general. It’s for this reason that many doctors recommend exercise to those struggling with depression, as these hormones can really help how you feel and view the world.


It doesn’t matter what exercises you do to get these endorphins; all that you need to do is raise your heart rate. Things like jogging, weight lifting, swimming, and cycling are all great exercises to help activate endorphins.




Another hormone that makes you feel happy is serotonin. This is more of a mood regulator and helps to keep you feeling stabilised. This hormone is said to help you regulate your sleep patterns and boosts your mood.


One of the best ways to get serotonin is by eating a healthy diet. Things like eggs, nuts, cheese, and salmon can all help you increase your serotonin levels.




There are plenty of interesting hormones and brain chemicals that help to make you feel happy and satisfied. The main three here are the key hormones that regulate your mood and can make you feel good about yourself.


Engaging in activities that can help you increase the levels of these hormones is a great thing to try and do, as it can improve your quality of life and make you a happier and more optimistic person.


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