3 of The Best Trails or Walks for People with Limited Mobility (But Love the Outdoors!)


With around five hundred National Trust sites featuring rural woodland paths and scenic coastal views, the UK is one of the best places for outdoor lovers to explore. However, when you have limited mobility yet possess a strong desire to soak in the beauty of the outdoors, finding accessible options can be a challenge. 


From ever-changing changing terrain, non-accessible amenities, and non-inclusive features, many things can turn a relaxing walk into an unpleasant experience for mobility-challenged nature enthusiasts. To prevent disappointment, we detail several of the best trails/hikes in the UK for nature lovers with limited mobility in our article below.


  1. Glenmore Forest Park, Scotland 


Around six miles east of Aviemore, Glenmore Forest Park in Scotland is another accessible walk to add to our list. If you’d prefer to pick the lush thickness of a forest over a sandy beach any day of the week, visiting Glenmore Forest Park is a must! 


Not only does it boost beautiful greenery, cute wildlife to point out to members of your party, and lush canopies to shelter you on a hot day, but it’s also home to a rich history, as its one of Scotland’s last remaining Caledonian pine forests. 


While the Loch Morlich Circular isn’t the smoothest trail on our list and can be prone to puddles, it does have accessible amenities and benches for those with reduced mobility to rest along the route. But, if you’d like a smoother experience, you can choose from the other two trials, which have relatively smooth, firm surfacing. 


  1. Yorkshire, Ravenscar 


If you love the smell of seawater and the feeling of the wind in your hair, you’ll have to add Ravenscar to your trail/walk bucket list. Located on the east coast of Yorkshire, this walk boosts one-of-a-kind views of the clifftops and coastline, plus it’s home to several species of birds and wildlife specific to the UK, making it perfect for animal lovers! One of the main reasons for featuring this location on our list is that you can hire electric all-terrain mobility scooters. 


However, these are only available on Fridays, so if you intend to go on any other day, you might want to invest in a rollator with air tires capable of handling rocks, sand, tarmac, and more like the ones from Rollz. Consider visiting their website to browse their entire catalogue, read customer reviews, etc., and see how a rollator with air tires could make exploring nature much easier today. 


  1. Blickling Estate, Norfolk 


Home to one of the most famous faces in British history, Anne Boleyn, this Jacobean mansion deserves a place on our list due to its sheer expanse of accessible gardens and splendour. Situated in the Bure meadows, visitors to Blicking Estate can explore over four thousand acres of land, which doesn’t include the mansion itself! 


One of the best features of this attraction is that it is open all year round and has multiple multi-use trails, which are perfect for people who rely on scooters, wheelchairs, or buggies as their primary mode of transport. Just ask for a map of all the accessible routes when you arrive, and prepare to get stuck into an iconic piece of British history.

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