3 Things to Consider When Picking a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re struggling to gain traction for your business lately and have been relying mostly on traditional marketing techniques, then giving digital marketing a try could be a great idea. A lot of people don’t use digital marketing because they’re intimidated by it, and if that’s your case, you should consider working with a skilled agency. Knowing how to recognise a good agency can be difficult when you know very little about online marketing in general, however. Let’s take a look at a few things you should look for when choosing a digital marketing agency.

Who Will be Doing the Work?

One of the things business owners are largely unaware of with digital marketing agencies is that many of them either subcontract most of their tasks or literally operate as middlemen for another company. This is a model that is very common in the digital marketing space so, before you hire a company, know exactly how much of the work they’re doing themselves.

That doesn’t mean that working with a company that works with third-party suppliers is necessarily a bad thing. If the company has a solid track record for delivering great results on time, there’s nothing to fear. However, there might be some miscommunication at times and you might have some issues with consistency from time to time, so think about this before hiring this type of agency.

What Type of Digital Marketing do they Specialise in?

You also have to know that there are tons of different online marketing methods, and you should check what area an agency specialises in before you hire them. For instance, some agencies focus mainly on search engine optimisation, which is very different from something like PPC marketing or media buying. If your goal is to get clients as soon as possible, then it could be a better idea to go with a PPC marketing agency specifically as it is one of the fastest ways to get traffic through online marketing. 

If your business is very local, then working with a company that has expertise with local SEO could be your best bet. It would also be a good idea to work with someone in your county as they will understand your audience and the area much better. If you live in Essex, for instance, then you should go with a digital marketing agency Essex that knows the county and local culture inside and out as they’ll get you much better results.

How Respected Are They?

Before you hire a company, try to see what other people have to say about them in the community. It’s so easy for someone to open a digital marketing agency these days. If you can’t see any type of certification or award they have received, then you should look at this agency with suspicion. You should also try to get a bit of history on some of the people on their team and see if they’ve received accolades.

These are all things you’ll need to pay very close attention to when looking at a digital marketing agency. A good team could become a partner for life and a bad one could ruin you, so choose wisely.





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