3 Ways to Deal with a Home Emergency in Winter

Our homes can take a lot of battering over the winter. Your home needs to be as protected as possible from sudden snowfall to perpetual drizzle and increasingly lower temperatures. When those protections fail, though, you need to know how to cope. If you’ve cleaned your guttering to help avoid blockages, insulated your pipes to prevent bursts, and given your heating system a maintenance check, issues can still arise that may require some quick thinking. If you get hit by a sudden home emergency this winter, here are some tips that will make dealing with those potential disasters much easier. Here’s what you need to know.


Burst Pipes

Sometimes, even insulated pipes will freeze and burst, so you need to know what to do. A frozen gas pipe will stop you from keeping your home warm, and the leaks and drips you get from a burst water pipe can cause massive damage. First, find the pipe that’s leaking. Once you’ve worked out which one it is, you start the process of thawing it out. Use a hot water bottle or hot (but never boiling) water to thaw the ice out, making sure to avoid more leakages. This is one case where a plumber will be necessary if you can’t manage pipe repairs yourself. Remember that it’s always a good idea to do a pipe check between doing maintenance work on your garden as you get your plants ready for winter.


Falling Branches

Another common issue is branches falling from nearby trees that can cause serious damage to your property. The bigger the branch, the more damage can be caused. Your first task will be to check that everyone is safe and then leave home as quickly and as safely as possible. Roof repairs can take time, so you may need to get alternative accommodation until those repairs can be made. If you lack the finances to pay for extensive roof repairs and it will be a while until your home insurance pays off, then consider getting a quick loan to cover the costs that you can pay back when the insurance company pays out.


Rodent Infestation

Rats and mice crave warmth and shelter as much as we do, and if it’s cold outside, then they will take any opportunity to wander into your home and set up base. Once there, they will eat through your insulation and make your home colder and much less sanitary. It would help if you always carried out regular checks of your exterior to ensure that access isn’t easy. If you do get an infestation, the British Pest Control Association recommends a pest control team that can come and solve the problem for you if needed. Alternatively, you could invest in some mousetraps, or even welcome a new cat into your family. Remember that while having good cleanliness levels in your home won’t prevent rodent infestations, having poor sanitary levels will almost certainly attract them.


Preparing your home for the winter is essential, and skipping those basic maintenance checks can make the winter a lot harder to get through. If disaster does hit, have a plan in place that every member of your house is aware of. When it comes to protecting your property and your loved ones over the coldest months, preparation is always better than none and could save you both money and stress.









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