4 eco-friendly alternatives to electric cars 

Despite the recent surge in the popularity of hybrid, self-charging and electric vehicles, there are some new, subtle signs that ambitious electric dreams of the past might be short-lived.  


With over 400,000 EVs and hybrids already on the roads in the UK, researchers are starting to realise that electric cars might actually be worse for the planet than petrol or diesel cars. Read on to find out some of the greener alternatives to EVs, outlined in our handy guide below. 


Buy a used car 


Given that the cost of living is rising exponentially, you might have had second thoughts or scrapped your plans for a new car. However, the used car market is teeming with quality, well-maintained vehicles, and it is easy to find the most suitable options in your local area.  


With reliable options like used Vauxhall cars for sale, you can enjoy the best standards of engineering from trusted brands that have a proven history of manufacturing excellent vehicles. Whether you choose a car with a petrol or diesel engine, you can rest assured that its manufacture would not have been as environmentally harmful as an electric car straight off the production line.  


Use public transport 


Public transport is one of the most promising solutions to tackling transport emissions. The 2021 Department for Transport Annual Report found that while cars make up almost 80% of all road vehicle miles travelled in the UK, they account for a staggering 55% of all transport emissions. Buses and coaches, on the other hand, produced just 4% combined. 


If you can, try to take the bus, tram, or train next time you embark on your daily commute. Plus, since you won’t be behind the wheel, you can use that time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 


Cycle to work 


For many people living in the UK, the pandemic rekindled a love for taking to two wheels. If you live close enough to your workplace, why not get out on your bike? Furthermore, many companies now offer benefits including Cycle Scheme, designed to help employees cut costs on bicycles and kit, and to commute in a way that is friendly to the planet. 


Consider car-sharing 


If you haven’t heard of car-sharing before, you might be pleased to learn that it doesn’t involve sitting in the same car with strangers – that’s Carpooling, offered by service providers like Uber


If you opt to share a car – whether that be with a partner, family member, or close friend – you’ll be able to share all the expenses that come with car ownership. From insurance costs to refuelling stops, it all adds up, and could also cut your overall emissions by half. 


In an increasingly chaotic and polluted world, it is worth making every effort we can to be greener and to help secure a sustainable future for the next generation. 




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