4 simple steps for improving your mental health


“Mental health” is a term used to describe our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It can be challenging to maintain good mental health on your own because there are many factors that contribute to it, including genetics, personality type, lifestyle choices, socioeconomic status/income level and more. What we eat has an effect on our moods as well as how we interact with others and engage in hobbies/social events, which all play a role in improving our overall happiness and quality of life. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your mental health despite these challenges. Here are four simple steps for improving your mental health. 


Get enough restful sleep

The amount of time you spend sleeping has an effect on your overall mental health. Getting enough restful sleep is important for many reasons, including its impact on your moods and energy levels throughout the day. According to Mental Health America, “research indicates that lack of sleep can contribute to depression, anxiety, irritability and more” because it alters the levels of hormones that affect neurotransmitters, which in turn can impact how you feel. According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, “sleep-deprived participants were less able to focus, plan and organize”, which gets in the way of meeting your daily responsibilities at home and work.


Find a hobby 

Having a hobby is a great way to improve your mental health by allowing you to engage with something outside of your daily activities that can give you a sense of purpose and happiness. Whether it’s learning an instrument, cooking new recipes or taking up running, having something that interests you will help keep your mind distracted from what may be worrying you most and allow you to meet new people as well. 

It doesn’t matter what that hobby is, as long as you enjoy it and it gives you satisfaction. If you’re into football, join a five-a-side team! If you like gambling, look for a real money casino that you think you’ll enjoy. If you like fashion and beauty, go to a catwalk! The options really are endless. What’s important is that you’re meeting new people and making new friends. 


Talk to a friend 

Talking to a friend, family member or even just someone you trust helps us to process our emotions and can give us clarity on how we’re feeling. Sometimes people who struggle with mental health issues feel like they may be bothering others when they need assistance or that their problems aren’t important enough to discuss, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if your problems seem trivial to you, sharing them with someone who cares will help relieve stress and provide perspective on what’s upsetting you most.


Be present 

Taking time for yourself is important in order to recharge your batteries, but it’s also equally as essential to leave distractions at the door and simply enjoy the present. Whether you’re out with friends, cooking dinner or just enjoying a day off work, taking time to appreciate what you have can improve your moods by reminding yourself that even if there are parts of your life that aren’t ideal, there are still things to be thankful for.

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