4 ways to make Christmas memories with your kids


Making joyful memories is key to helping your children grow up happy, and Christmas is the perfect occasion to create some magic that your kids will always remember. According to a study by Health Psychology, people who have fond memories of their childhood (and relationships with their parents, in particular) grow up to have better health, less depression and fewer chronic illnesses as older adults. That’s why making special memories with your kids over Christmas is so important! Here are 4 ways to do so.

  • Look at Christmas lights in your neighbourhood

Get that special magic feeling together by exploring your neighbourhood and doing a tour of all the Christmas lights your neighbours have decorated their houses with. Whether you’re walking around or going for a drive, get wrapped up in cosy warmers and embrace the festive cheer all around.

  • Decorate the Christmas tree together 

Make decorating the Christmas tree a family event so everyone can get involved with making the house feel set for Christmastime. As well as investing in some beautiful and sturdy Christmas lights that you can use for the next few years, making or buying a special tree decoration together with your kids will mean over the years your tree will be full of decorations which all signify different years in your child’s life. 

  • Send a letter to Father Christmas

Writing letters to Santa together is a great way to bond with your children over the festive period, as well as help them practise gratitude for what they received last year and what they’ve enjoyed this year, as well. It also gives parents a great opportunity to see what their kids really want to find under the tree this year. Just be careful, kids often run off with their imagination when writing their letters to Santa!

  • Watch some cult Christmas movies together 

Nothing says Christmas like a good Christmas movie. Carving out a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon to watch a classic Christmas film means you’re guaranteed a whole afternoon with your children to spend time with them and relax at home. Establishing traditions like these also encourages them to take this Christmas movie marathon over to the next generation – and do something similar with their own children one day!


Making sure you have fun with your children over Christmas and creating lots of happy memories will mean they’ll always remember the festive season back home fondly. And truly, what’s more special than that?

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