5 Ideas for the picky teenager in your life


Gifts became a convention that ought to be respected on every occasion. As much as it embodies proof of love and affection, it is important to choose a gift carefully to make sure they will appreciate it. Nowadays, it is difficult and stressful to always have to choose the perfect gift for someone especially teenagers, as they tend to have a lot of expectations. You don’t want to disappoint them by getting them the wrong gift that will embarrass them in front of their friends or worse, that will turn them moody for the entire week because they didn’t get what they hoped for. Therefore, when the wrapping paper falls and the gift box opens, your anxiety increases as you try to figure out whether you did the right choice or you failed your mission. Teenagers are so difficult to shop for, but worry not! There are great gift ideas for teenagers you can find online. Here are 5 of them that your teenager will love to have. 

  1. Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth speakers are a great gift for anyone, especially teenagers. They are compact, portable, easy to use, and compatible with most devices. They have a variety of styles and sizes, can be simple or with lights and mics all over. Bluetooth speakers can be used outdoors to share music with our friends, or indoors for a party or celebration- a suitable gift for your teen who’s all about fun and entertainment!

  1. Headphones:

Even as adults, sometimes it feels a bit empty and uncomfortable to move without a pair of headphones through which you’d listen to your favorite songs to help you go through the day. Teens perhaps feel the same, if not more. While waiting for the bus, going home, or simply when they feel out of place, a pair of headphones can help them listen to their mood playlist and allow them to think and clear their minds. Headphones are the perfect gifts, and if you’re worried about the price tags, there’re multiple options to fit any budget. You can opt for wired or wireless headphones, simple or colored, etc. Headphones can be used outside or inside the house, bringing positive vibes to their lives and enjoying every bit of it. 

  1. Cool Backpack:

Not only is a backpack useful for daily life, but it also adds a trendy and personal touch to your style! Think about it, when gifting a backpack to your teenager – you’ll make sure they’ll stay organized. Pick up one that’s waterproof, lightweight, and flexible; comfortable for their back and shoulders with enough room to carry their books and important belongings. It will facilitate their movement and enables them to access their items easier and with less effort. On the other hand, a backpack can be trendy or can feature something your teenager loves: A band they’re obsessed with, their favorite TV show, or something aesthetically pleasing. A cool backpack will never be out of style, and teens will feel like belonging to the cool kids now that they’re carrying something as stylish as your gift! In short, a backpack is useful, convenient, and trendy- there’s no way your teen won’t go crazy over it!

  1. Their Favourite Video Game:

Buying a gift for a teenage gamer is probably considered the boss level; you either nail it or watch the disappointment in their eyes for the rest of the day. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a gift for a gamer because you don’t necessarily know what they want and you don’t want to ask them- that’s how surprises work! Some things can go a little bit out of budget such as new generation consoles or gaming chairs. But what about their favorite video game? The game they have been talking about for days and hours – perhaps it’s a game they already played but want to have as a hard copy on their shelves, or perhaps it’s a coming-up game that they couldn’t get yet. Gifting teens their favorite video games will provide them with more quality time and a greater appreciation for you. Not only do you understand their taste, but you encourage their hobbies, and that’s probably the best gift you can give to your teenager.

  1. A Phone Case:

Now, it is safe to say that a phone is the most vital item for teenagers. Can you imagine someone of their age without a phone? Not just any phone, a brand new phone! What a shame! Even if as adults we don’t agree with this, there’s nothing we can the advancement of technology and the radical change from one generation to another. A good gift will therefore be a phone case to protect their phones from exterior damage and any kind of shocks and scratches. It also adds a new cool look to phones as it displays different shapes and colors, and features their favorite quotes, artists, memes, or aesthetics. Phone cases can also be customized to give the look you think your teenager would want to have. More importantly, phone cases are affordable and worth every penny. 







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