5 Tips for Buying Garden Furniture with Bridgman

As the warmer months draw closer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for the sunshine. An extension of our homes, garden furniture is key to creating that seamless transition from indoors to out, therefore ensuring you’re buying the right pieces is essential. Caron Grant, Brand Manager at Bridgman shares her 5 top tips to making buying furniture a breeze.

  1. What do you need from your furniture?Start by thinking about what you need from your outdoor furniture. Different spaces and lifestyles have different requirements, and its key to identify these at the beginning of your shopping process. Make a list of all the activities you’d like to do in the space, this will help inform what type of furniture you need. For example, if you’d like to use the space to relax on a warm evening, opt for a modular set that you can configure to fit the whole family. Or, if you would prefer to host intimate al fresco dinner parties, barbecues, brunches and more, choose a small dining set.”
  2. Try your furniture before you buy “If you can, we recommend seeing the furniture in a showroom before you buy. This way, you can take a closer look at the finish and materials used, along with trying out a handful of different collections for yourself. If you’re unable to visit in-person, we highly suggest trying a live video call with one of our furniture experts, who can show you close ups of the furniture and assist you in making your final choice.”
  3. Find the perfect materials “Speaking of materials, one of the most daunting aspects of buying garden furniture is the wide range of materials available, so make sure to weigh up the pros and cons of each one.

Rope is the latest innovation in garden furniture and it’s certainly here to stay. Bringing a contemporary and nautical infusion to outdoor spaces, rope dining and lounging furniture is stylish, durable and perfect for every occasion. 

Rattan comes in a variety of styles, weaves and materials to suit both classic and contemporary-inspired schemes. When it comes to choosing a weave, half round is a more accessible form, while full round is the top-level choice – most of our outdoor furniture collections are crafted using full round rattan weave for unmatched comfort and style. 

At Bridgman, our rattan furniture collections are expertly-crafted using only the finest synthetic weaves. Synthetic rattan possesses a host of properties that make it a more practical choice than its natural counterpart. 

Aluminium is a wonderful choice for those looking for more modern garden furniture. Lightweight, rust-free and easy to maintain, Aluminium is often used as the frame for other materials such as rattan or rope. When shopping for Aluminium furniture, ensure it is powder-coated for longevity, durability and rust-resistance. 

Outdoor fabrics are arguably the natural next step in luxury outdoor living. If woven properly these fabrics can be as soft as wool and as comfortable as indoor furniture. Waterproof and stain-resistant, Bridgman’s outdoor fabrics are made by spinning solution-dyed acrylic – the same fabrics used on luxury yachts – they also benefit from added UV-protection to prevent the colour fading in the sun.”

  1. Consider storage and maintenance “Don’t forget that everything requires upkeep and maintenance to keep things in the best condition possible. So, make sure you choose garden furniture that aligns with the level of maintenance that you’re realistically able to provide. Luckily, thanks to modern innovations a lot of garden furniture is designed to be left outside all year round. 

At Bridgman, we design each of our premium outdoor furniture collections to be loved and last for years to come. So, with just a little TLC, you can keep your garden furniture looking its best season after season.

However, for periods of non-use, we do recommend buying furniture covers for extra peace of mind against harsh weather and to prevent dirt and debris from dirtying your set. It is also important to remember to remove any cushions when not in use, especially if they aren’t waterproof.”

  1. Invest in quality pieces “Although it may sound cliché, a major advantage of investing in quality furniture is that you really do get what you pay for. So, if you can afford to, opting for premium pieces will guarantee you with unrivalled durability, comfort and quality you won’t find with cheaper furniture.

Less expensive pieces will show signs of wear and tear much faster and within just a couple of years, you’ll have the hassle of replacing the furniture and respending your money. Quality furnishings, like our handcrafted garden furniture, are designed to last for years to come and provide you with an excellent return on your investment.”

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