5 Tips For Refurbishing The Office Space


Refurbishing the office can be a good way to modernise the space and give it a refresh. The pandemic meant that many offices went empty for months on end, which provided the perfect opportunity to refurbish, so workers have a nice space to return to. There are a lot of things you need to consider when refurbishing your office. 

You need to remember that people will be spending a lot of the week within the space, so you must make sure it is suitable for their needs and a comfortable place to work in. Refurbishing could be just what your office needs this year, so here are our 5 top tips for refreshing your office space.

Make A Plan

The first thing you need to do before you start refurbishing is to make a detailed plan. You should look over the current office space and see what is working and what isn’t. If you have been working in the same space for years, it can be easy to overlook certain things and not notice that they are outdated or a bit broken. 

Making a plan will provide you with a guideline to work with and will make the refurbishment process easier. Within your plan, you should also include a timeline so you can keep on schedule and don’t fall behind. Additionally, it is a good idea to create a budget to work with and try your best to stick to it. Hopefully, having a budget set out will prevent you from overspending or misusing money. Overall, having a detailed plan laid out will make the refurbishing process a lot easier.

Design Inspiration

When thinking of ways to refurbish your office space, it could be useful to look over some design inspiration images to determine which one would fit your space. These office design images shown by office refurbishment experts Amos Beech would be a good place to start as they have a full catalogue of design inspiration to peruse through. It would be good to find some sort of theme you want for your office as that can make the process a bit easier. 

Sticking to one theme or colour scheme would make buying décor or furniture easier as you have narrowed your selection down quite a bit. Colour scheme can be very important within an office space as too garish or bright colours can make the space feel hectic or over-crowded. Perhaps opt for more neutral or softer tones as this can create a more welcoming space. 

Consult With Employees

Another good tip for refurbishing the office space is to consult with your employees and ask for their input. Your employees will spend most of the day sitting in the office, so it is important that they like the space they are working in. They also may be able to give you some better advice as they may be more aware of things that need to be changed around the office. 

You could set up an anonymous online suggestion box so employees can voice their opinions in an open and honest way. Making sure your employees are heard can be an effective way to improve the relationship between higher management and can build trust within the workplace. 

Create A Lunchbreak Area

It can be easy when refurbishing the office only to consider the basics like new office furniture or redecorating. However, if you really want to transform your space, you should consider creating an area that can be used for lunch breaks. People who work in offices often eat at their desks and do not take a proper lunch break.

Breaks are very important throughout the day as it’s crucial the mind and body rest and refuel. If you are continuously taking your break at your desk, then you are never really switching off from work. It would benefit your employees to have a lunch break space to properly switch off, eat, and recharge. It can also be a good place for your employees to socialise with one another as they may not get a chance to chat during the day. 


Another important thing you should consider when refurbishing your office space is accessibility. Accessibility is crucial for the workplace as you must make sure all of your employees have equal access and opportunities. When designing the layout for your office, take into consideration wheelchair accessibility. 

If you are able-bodied, it can be easy to overlook or not consider the issues of wheelchair accessibility because it is not something you have to deal with in daily life. Putting the extra effort in to make the office wheelchair accessible is the least you can do to demonstrate your efforts into making your business an accessible place for all employees. An open plan style office could be a great idea to increase accessibility.

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