6 Tips for Hosting a Business Awards Night

Business awards nights have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. They act as a way to celebrate an industry, with prizes and accolades for those deemed to have been a sector’s best performers. Not only that, but they are also perfect networking opportunities and can be used as an effective part of a marketing strategy.

If you want to host a business awards night of your own, you’re undoubtedly filled with questions and queries. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Check out these six top tips for hosting a business awards night.

Hire the Right Staff

Even a small-scale business awards night can be a complicated affair. There are several different factors that need to be taken into consideration, as well as hundreds of variables that could threaten to derail your event. Seating, catering, audio-visual systems, and scheduling are all things that you’ll need to think about, each of them as important as the last.

The best way to ensure nothing is forgotten and that your business awards night goes off without a hitch is to work with an event staffing agency such as Event People. Companies such as this have extensive experience working across a range of industry events with some of the top global brands. They’ll know exactly what’s involved in hosting a successful business awards event and can guide you through the process in clear to understand language.

Stick to a Plan

Every event needs a plan. Putting a plan together can help you make some crucial decisions, such as attendance numbers, which companies will be there, where the event will be held, and how long it will go on for.

The more detailed your plan is, the better. Leave nothing up to chance. The more organised you are, the less likely it is that you’re going to run into problems. However, sometimes plans have to be altered to accommodate last-minute changes. Drawing up your plan as far in advance as possible will mean that any changes that have to be made will be far less disruptive.

Set a Budget

Events can come at a cost, and you’ll be surprised how quickly these expenses can mount up. Before you know it, you could be facing an eye-watering bill that could result in you having to cut back on other areas of your awards ceremony.

Draw up a budget that accounts for all the outlays you’ll have to pay for. Remember to include everything, no matter how minute or seemingly insignificant. Doing so will allow you to organise your awards night within a set financial framework and will ensure you don’t end up spending beyond your means.

 Choose the Award Categories

Your business awards night can have as many or as few categories as you like. You’ll need to cover all the standard categories, such as ‘Best Company This Year’, ‘Best New Company’, and ‘Best Advertising Campaign’, for example. However, you can get creative with the rest of them. Think outside of the box, look for things that people might not notice and incorporate these into your award categories. This will make the event more fun and engaging for all involved.

Pick the Judges

Once you’ve settled on your award categories, you’re going to need to decide how the winners are going to be picked. Selecting a panel of judges is often the traditional approach. However, you’ll need to do so carefully to avoid any risk of bias or insider influence.

Another route you can take is to open votes up to the public. Social media is perfect for this. You can run polls for the public to cast votes in each category to determine the winner.

Choose the Prizes

What are you going to offer for prizes? If you’re giving away trophies, these will need to be made up well in advance with the correct names and categories on them. Alternatives to trophies are things like bottles of wine or restaurant vouchers and giveaways.


Hosting a business awards night can be the perfect way to celebrate everything that’s good about your industry. They can be a real feel-good event that everyone will walk away from feeling happy and inspired, whether they picked up a trophy or not. 

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