7 Best Lightweight Waffle Dressing Gowns in Bolton, UK 2024 by Thetowelshop

Wearing dressing gowns after taking a bath has become common because of its comfort and luxury looks. But it can be irritating too, especially when you have chosen a heavyweight gown. To keep you safe and have a fun time wearing them, we are here with lightweight waffle dressing gowns.

By reading this blog, you will find the most suitable dressing gowns that you can wear. These gowns are offered by Thetowelshop that is a UK-based store providing various products from this category. Let’s get started and read about the best waffle dressing gowns available in its catalogue.

7 Best Waffle Dressing Gowns

A long list of dressing gowns and bathrobes are available in this store. It will be hard for you to choose the best one which makes it important for us to research and choose the one that suits you. Here, we have listed 7 lightweight dressing gowns that you can wear easily with comfort.

100% Cotton Lightweight Waffle Dressing Gown

One of the best dressing gowns by Thetowelshop with lightweight qualities is a 100% cotton lightweight waffle dressing gown. The gown has been given the name of lightweight because of this particular quality.


It has 300 GSM that will keep your shoulders at ease while you are wearing it. Moreover, it has a shawl collar letting you not feel irritation due to cool air hitting your neck. It looks like you have got a luxury bathrobe and get a cool look.

Last but not least, another factor making it suitable for the first position is the affordable pricing. You can easily get this gown at minimum pricing and have it on your body.

100% Cotton Dressing Gown with Waffle Outer

Another dressing gown with a hooded style is here to let you get a soft touch after wearing it. This cotton dressing gown has a waffle outer surface to give you a unique and elegant look. The interior part of this gown is made with 100% cotton material.

It will give you a sense of comfort and a soft touch while you wear it after taking a bath. Moreover, it has a unique quality of getting dried within a short time. So, you don’t need to wait for hours to let the gown be dried and hang it for next use.

To keep the users at comfort, this waffle dressing gown is made with machine washable quality. It will help you easily and quickly wash this gown to store whenever you want.  

Shawl Collar Dressing Gown with Waffle Outer

Sometimes, you don’t need extraordinary looks from your dressing gown but a comfortable and cosy feeling by wearing it. This shawl collar dressing gown is made for all who are looking for such outcomes.

It has been made with 100% cotton material with waffle outer and towelling inner parts. The outer part will give you a luxury look while the inner part will help you feel warm. Its shawl collar will add to your looks and give you a casual look after wearing this gown.

You can also keep your necessary accessories like a mobile phone in its frontal pocket. It is right to say that this dressing gown is an all-in-one package for everyone. 

Navy Blue Terry Towelling Gown

Most people think that dressing gowns are available in white colour only. It is completely wrong because you can find high-quality gowns in other colours like this blue terry towelling gown. This gown is made for those who have got bored by wearing white gowns.

In addition to its colour, this gown has been made with 100% towelling material. This material is famous for giving a sense of warmth and comfort to the users. It has 400 GSM which isn’t enough for users who think that bathrobes or dressing gowns are difficult to wear because of their weight.

Last but not least, it offers extra absorbance and softness to your body. So, you will surely get warm by wearing this gown after taking the bath or before it while moving to the poolside of your place. 

Luxury Towel Dressing Gown with Shawl Collar

Another popular, reliable, and suitable dressing gown for everyone is a luxury towel dressing gown with a shawl collar. 

This luxury gown is made of pure towelling material to keep it warm and comfortable. The best thing about this gown is that it has been made with an Egyptian concept. You can say that this gown will help you get an extraordinary experience by wearing it.


Unlike the above dressing gowns, it can be considered a little heavyweight because of the 470 GSM. This little addition of GSM is because of the Egyptian concept on which it is designed. 

High-quality Turkish Towelling bathrobe

This Turkish towelling bathrobe is made for those who feel cool after taking a bath. Like the above gown, this bathrobe is also made with a concept that is based on a Turkish bath. 

Because of the use of towelling material in its production, this bathrobe is extra absorbent and soft. You will feel a soft touch on your body after wearing this bathrobe. To let you feel extra warm and comfortable, this bathrobe has a specific quality of being dried quickly.

Its two frontal pockets will enable you to keep your necessities with you. So, you won’t need to worry if you want to keep your mobile or wallet with you. 

Grey Terry Towelling Dressing Gown

The last gown on our list is a Gray terry towelling dressing gown made for everyone. This gown is available in different sizes making it suitable for every user. Unlike fleece material gowns, it has been made with towelling material letting it get dried quickly after use.


With 400 GSM, it is also suitable for those looking to be comfortable with lightweight dressing gowns. We can say that you will not feel tired by wearing it even for a long time and get entertained while sitting beside the pool.

Final Summary

From the above guide, you must have found the best match for a lightweight waffle dressing gown. We have discussed the best products available in the catalogue of Thetowelshop. You can easily choose any of these with premium quality at affordable pricing.

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