A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type

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Hair extensions have revolutionised how we update our looks, adding exceptional volume and length to any hairstyle. These integrations are now a widely accepted beauty trend in both synthetic and human hair varieties. Whether new to hair extensions or looking for an upgrade, this in-depth guide provides all the knowledge needed to make your purchase. Discover which type of extension is right for you with these helpful buying tips.

Length and weight of your natural hair 

The first step in choosing the right hair extensions is considering the length and weight of your natural hair. If your natural hair is short or fine, clip-in or tape-in extensions may be the better option, as they don’t require any permanent changes to your existing hairstyle. If your natural hair is longer or thicker, you might want to consider sewn-in or micro ring hair extensions that are more secure and can handle more weight. 

Colour of your hair 

Once you have determined what type of extension best suits your needs, it’s important to consider the colour of your natural hair. The closer the shade of the extension pieces matches your natural hair colour, the better. This will ensure a seamless blend between your real and fake strands so that no one can tell where one ends and the other begins. 

How long you want them to last 

Another important factor in picking the right hair extensions is how long you want them to last. Clip-ins offer temporary solutions as they can easily be taken out anytime without damaging your real strands. On the other hand, permanent options like sewn-ins and glued-ins generally last between six and twelve months. It all depends on how often they are worn and cared for properly. 

Frequency of use

If you plan on wearing them often, investing in higher quality pieces with stronger clips or adhesives may be worth it so they can last longer and look better each time they are worn. On the other hand, if these pieces won’t see much use, spending less can still yield great results if maintained correctly. 

Consider your lifestyle 

Your lifestyle is a crucial determinant when selecting hair extensions. If you lead an active lifestyle, investing in lighter-weight pieces with breathable fabrics is recommended over heavier ones made from synthetic materials. If convenience is key, opt for clip-ins, as removing them requires no special tools or techniques. 


It’s important to consider how much time can realistically be dedicated to caring for these pieces. Certain methods, such as glue-ins, require frequent upkeep compared to clip-ins, which only require occasional brushing and washing. Whatever style you choose, ensure that it fits within your current daily routines so upkeep doesn’t become overwhelming in the long run.   

Final thoughts

Many factors are involved in finding the right set of hair extensions, but by considering all aspects carefully, you can find something tailored specifically for your hair type. With this comprehensive guide, anyone should be able to find their perfect match with minimal fuss and effort.  



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