Active Kids are Happy Kids – Creating a Playground in the Back of Your Garden

Playgrounds are the funniest for kids, as they spend quality time with friends while learning new skills and increase creativity and problem-solving, which are essential in their development. But going to the playground isn’t always an option. The simple trick? Create a magical playground in the back of your yard this summer. It’s not as hard as it seems once you have a strong DIY plan. 

It’s common for parents who want to develop a playground in their garden to keep an eye on their kids while playing. Not all parents can leave home daily to take their kids to the playground. Leaving their children unsupervised isn’t an option, so having a playground in the back of your yard custom-built is an excellent solution. The plan can be customised according to your kid’s pleasures. You can build the playground yourself if you have some essential tools and imagination. However, building a playground requires suitable wood to eliminate any chemical threat. 

Summer is here, so your kids don’t want to lose the outdoor fun and time spent in the garden. If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained this summer, the following backyard ideas will give you enough inspiration to create the best playground. 

Choose the right location. 

First, you need to look at your backyard and decide what space is suitable for creating the playground. If your yard is small, it’s essential to consider that the playground will take most of the space. If you’re okay with that, you can already start your project plan. If you’re the lucky one who owns a more extensive garden, it may be necessary to consider a specific area. It is recommended to be in the corner of the yard where kids can enjoy plenty of space running around, climbing frame with slide, but not too far, so you can still keep an eye on them. Thus, when beginning this project, choosing the right location for you and your kids is essential. 

Get your kids involved in the process.

Given that you’re creating a small world for your kids where they can have fun, make friends, and enjoy nature, it’s advisable to include them in the process. It guarantees the playground will look amazing, exactly how they’d wish. Additionally, giving your kids the chance to speak their minds is highly advisable, as you’re showing you value their opinions and consider their needs. Thus, browse all the playground options together and transform the backyard into a fun area where your kids can play. DIY projects are excellent for your family to spend time together. You can even build a house tree, which is undoubtedly fun and exciting, even for adults. 

Consider a good base.

When building a backyard playground, it’s essential to consider your children’s safety. The base must be strong enough – for example, when adding swing sets, there are options to choose from: natural, grass, or faux. They’re incredibly soft, absorbing falls. Rubber is also another excellent choice, as it’s slip-resistant. A rubber base is a standard option for many public playgrounds. It can be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth considering your kids’ safety. Also, it’s a better option if you can’t get used to sand or grass for your playground. 

Decide on the playground equipment. 

The fun part starts now – once you’ve considered the above steps, you can look for Fatmoose to select the many playground equipment available and decide which one works for your garden. As mentioned already, involving your kids in the process is a crucial step. Whether you have decided to do the playground yourself or not, it’s necessary to do it as your kids want. Popular playground equipment is swing sets, as they’re entertaining and desired by all kids; aside from this, including slides, a climbing construction, and many seats where your kids can take a break to play board games or serve lunch. 

Play is incredibly important in any child’s growth. Being outdoor, and enclosed by nature can improve mental and physical health. Thus, please create the backyard playground while embracing what surrounds you. 

If you are a parent, you undoubtedly know the importance of the space for your kids to play. Because kids have so much energy, it’s highly recommended to allow them to consume it productively. If you have the space and chance to turn a part of your backyard into a playground, you should take advantage of it. Not only will your kids be happy playing outside, but it’s also beneficial for their mental health. Being surrounded by technology and other sorts of devices and gadgets can have a negative effect on your child’s growth. Being outside and interacting with other kids intensifies a child’s imaginative skills and physical health. It will help them socialise from a very young age, which is also beneficial for when they’re adults. 


Thus, you should start your plan and create a playground in the back of your yard, in a specific area you’d like. When thinking of childhood memories, most of them are outside playing. Usually, the back of the house is where most of us spend time climbing trees, hiding, and exploring nature’s beauty. Nowadays, most kids are glued to their phones, forgetting how vital play is. Holding a tablet or a smartphone in their hands won’t stimulate a kid’s imagination. Why not provide a natural playground for your kids? You indeed can find a spot to create it. Plus, you can find lovely DIY playground ideas that your children will adore.

Like bees are attracted to flowers, kids are attracted to nature! Nature stimulates a child’s brain, which is necessary for their development and growth, also providing other perks and opportunities to have fun.






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