Alternative days out in Kent

Kent is renowned for being a picturesque and beautiful county in the southeast of England that is not only steeped in history but offers a wide range of arts and entertainment, places to visit and activities for days out for visitors of all ages.


Suppose you are looking for something a little different to do when you visit Kent? We would always recommend a visit to Rochester Castle, but this article gives you some alternative ideas, including visiting the resting place of Pocahontas, or you could even add a visit to the dog collar museum located four miles east of Maidstone.


The Shell Grotto, Margate


The subterranean Shell Grotto, discovered by pure chance in 1835, has 4.6 million shells embedded in its curving chalk walls. They weave a fascinating mosaic of patterns and symbols.


Was this a house of worship, a meeting place, or an elaborate folly? We don’t know who or why this remarkable site was erected, but since the first paying guests ascended the chalk stairs in 1838, speculation about the Grotto’s origins has raged.


The Grotto’s design, at first look, adds to the confusion, with simple cockles, whelks, oysters, and mussels creating a swirling cornucopia of patterns and symbols. There are numerous interpretations, including phalluses, gods and goddesses, trees of life, and something resembling an altar, to name a few.


Visit the Dog Collar Museum, Leeds Castle


Dog collars are the small item of clothing that transforms man’s best friend from a wild animal to a faithful companion, serving several purposes ranging from identification to acting as a lead anchor to showing the latest in doggie décor.


Dog collars are usually simple pieces of robust and flexible nylon in various colours and designs unless the owner is relatively wealthy and somewhat frivolous or has a specific purpose.


On the other hand, the Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum displays some of the most opulent and luxurious canine neckwear in history.


Visit a casino, Margate


Whether you love slot machines or prefer one of the table games, a visit to a casino is a brilliant alternative for something to do in Kent. Not only do casinos offer brilliant entertainment, but they also have high-quality food and refreshments available at the onsite restaurants.


The Casino Thanet in Margate offers restaurants and the chance to experience table games like blackjack, roulette or even poker. If you know the basic poker rules, why not give the game a go?


Pocahontas’ final resting place, Gravesend


In the town of Gravesend, a monument stands in memorial to Pocahontas, undoubtedly one of the most famous Native American women in history, who avoided a war between her tribe, the Powhatans, and British settlers due to her compassion and diplomacy. She married a British plantation owner and moved to Kent in the last years of her life.


This eerie life-size bronze statue stands in the gardens of an unassuming church. It is a replica of one created in 1913 by William Ordway Partridge, with the original standing in what was once the Powhatan’s homeland, Jamestown, Virginia, USA.


In 1958, the then-Virginia governor gave it to the townspeople of Gravesend as a gift.


Visit a water park, Lydd


Action Watersports, based in Lydd, Kent, offers a whole lot of fun for visitors as long as you don’t mind getting your feet wet!


They have an inflatable aqua assault course that resembles Wipe Out but on the water with jump points, climbing and a water chute that provides endless amounts of fun for all ages.


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUPs) is another activity they offer – and you can even do SUPs with PUPs and take your dog along for a trip across the lake; or, if you’ve ever dreamed of being a superhero, think Iron Man, then they also try flyboarding, where you attach jets to your feet and rise out of the water and literally fly above the lake!


Visit the Big Cat Sanctuary, Ashford


If you are looking for a ‘clawsome’ big cat encounter, visiting The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent will let you get up close and personal with some of the world’s most spectacular species. 


Guests are taken on a complete tour of the large cat enclosures by one of the sanctuary’s trained specialists and are even allowed to feed the majestic creatures by hand.


You can also learn about the unique characteristics of each species housed at the park and take the opportunity to question the experts on all things big cat.


For other big wild animals, try the Port Lympne Reserve, where, for example, you can see three different species of Rhino.


To sum up


As you can see, there are a whole heap of alternative things to do when you visit Kent for a day out or a weekend away, and we hope that some of our suggestions have at least piqued your interest and given you some ideas of things to do in Kent.


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