An In-Depth Look at the Most Popular Fruit Juice Flavours and Flavour Combinations for Consumers 


If you are running a business involved in the production of fruit juice or are interested in making new blends and concoctions for your customers, you would have to have a pretty good idea of what consumers are looking for. And whilst consumer tastes change and evolve through the years, you may be interested to note that there are fruit juice flavours and combinations that have stood the test of time, like apple and orange. But it’s also worth noting that today’s consumers have become more adventurous, and they don’t hesitate to try out new combinations and new tastes. So producing and manufacturing the best fruit juices is entirely possible with a bit of knowledge of the trends. Here, then, is an in-depth look at the most popular fruit juice flavours and flavour combinations for consumers.


The general trend 


More consumers are becoming selective regarding fruit juices, and sugar is a number one concern of many, especially parents. So fruit juices laden with sugar are no longer as popular as they were, and today, more people are opting for sugar- and preservative-free alternatives, along with a preference for authentic and natural flavours and juice purees and concentrates. There is also a shift towards organic veggies and fruits as consumers become increasingly concerned about pesticide use and its effects. But it can be easy for you to adapt to these changes if you have a good supplier who can guarantee the source and traceability, and quality of their supplies, like organic juice concentrate suppliers like EE & Brian Smith


There are other trends, such as vegan products, products with higher nutritional and vitamin content, and, of course, other flavours and combinations that may sound unique but are quickly becoming in high demand. 


The most popular fruit juice flavours 


As already mentioned, the most popular fruit juice flavours are still apple and orange, and they have a solid rating amongst numerous consumers. But this is hardly surprising. There is another flavour that is also topping the charts: coconut water. Again, it may be surprising for us in the UK, but then again, UK consumers have always been attracted to tropical fruit flavours. But coconut water has vastly increased in popularity recently, with substantial growth from when it was first introduced. 


Another increasingly favourite flavour is mango, and the fruit’s natural sweetness and distinct taste have a lot to do with its popularity. While often combined with fruits and other vegetables to produce fruit and veggie juice, Carrot is still as favoured as ever. It is now commonly paired with different flavours like orange, apple, turmeric, ginger, and pumpkin.


The top flavours in fruit juices by rank


Orange takes the top spot, followed closely by apple. But at a close third is mango, and this is followed by coconut water. For many individuals, pineapple is also another favourite, and succeeding this is peach. Blueberry is also a big contender, as is pomegranate and, lastly, grape. 


Noteworthy combinations 


You may also be interested to hear that there are some flavour combinations also making waves these days, including apple and lemonade; lemons, plums, and apples; and strawberry, kiwi, and apple. Of course, you can always experiment with your desired flavour combos, but a test run is always a requirement! 





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