Apology Flowers: Which Flowers Are Best To Say Sorry?

All of us are familiar with this situation: following a fight with a loved one, we are eager to set things straight. A tempting idea is to avoid awkward conversations by selecting and sending an exquisite bouquet that means ‘I am deeply sorry’. Concerning flower delivery, London is the best city where you can find an ideal arrangement that says everything without words. To do this, use the Flowwow service; but first, let’s take a look at the iconic specimens that speak of regret.

The Best Apology Flowers For A Partner

When apologising to your significant other, pay attention to several factors:

Select A Colour Translated As ‘Forgive Me’

According to experts in colour psychology, vibrant bouquets and intense shades can be irritating, which makes them a poor choice when expressing remorse. The pink hue signifies romance and cheerfulness, so it cannot fully display the sincerity of your experiences. Vividly red flowers, well-known synonyms of passion, might provoke fury; a distraught recipient would be hardly willing to consider romance.


Therefore, the following shades are a winning choice:

  • White: the symbol of sincerity, directness, and purity.
  • Blue: the gesture of reconciliation, deep bonds, and fidelity.
  • Yellow: the sign of friendliness, joy, and warmth. In some cultures, bright yellow flowers mean ‘parting ways’, so choose light yellow hues when asking for forgiveness.
  • Peach pink: the representation of care and empathy.

Don’t Go Overboard With Design

A simple, classic bouquet in a rounded or elongated shape is ideal for an apology. Be careful not to choose asymmetrical bouquets or extremely sophisticated compositions; it’s better to save these for when the relationship between you and your beloved is redeemed.


A flower arrangement in an envelope, box, or hat box is a creative alternative. These gifts don’t require an appropriate vase; they already contain floral foam to maintain the longevity of a bouquet.

Consider the Cost

A luxurious bouquet might be considered a bribe, which obliges or even forces the recipient to grant forgiveness. However, inexpensive popular flowers, like chrysanthemums, may appear superficial and unconvincing. So, stick to the averagely priced categories to avoid any misunderstanding.

Roses: Unconditional Love, Care And Affection


If you’re unsure which flowers will definitely warm the heart of your loved one if a tough fight took place, opt for roses. An iconic and versatile idea is a mono-bouquet of white, cream, light yellow, or pink-coloured roses. Such a bouquet demonstrates sincere remorse and readiness to make amends.

Lilies: Humility And True Devotion


White lilies signify admiration, expressing deep infatuation with the recipient’s virtues. Such a bouquet suggests deep sorrow for the unpleasant situation, pointing toward preparedness to remain faithful to your partner.

Spring Flowers: New Beginnings, Peace, And Forgiveness


Any spring flower is an unrivalled choice to correct mistakes, as they signify new beginnings in life. Gifting such arrangements brings your relationship to a new level of intimacy and respect. For a spring flower bouquet, consider these varieties:

  • Hyacinths: heart-warming blue specimens, the symbols of everlasting peace, the end of all quarrels and troubles. While suitable for a loved one, they also become special surprises for close friends and relatives.
  • Tulips: white varieties are optimal when you are being apologetic and conveying sincere regret. Purple ones express your preparedness to understand her desires and aspirations.
  • Lilies of the valley: the finest choice for holding out an olive branch. Offer to forget all past grievances and start from scratch by sending a stunning arrangement with such specimens.

To Say Sorry To A Boyfriend, Think Of Orchids


Yes, girls are not the only ones who might be pleased to see a lovely flower arrangement after an emotional dispute. When eager to purchase a stunning bouquet for your boyfriend in reconciliation, take a look at these three varieties:

  • Irises: purely  male flowers, serving as an emblem that recognises strength and courage.


  • Anthuriums: the symbols of male power and attractiveness, which make for spectacular compliments when it’s time to state your romantic feelings for him.


  • Orchids: flowers to communicate admiration and willingness to come towards your beloved one. For men, choose darker orchid shades: purple, dark yellow, or brindle.


Yellow Roses: The Best Apology Flowers For A Friend

In romance, the yellow colour is tricky to use, but apologising to a true friend does require a rose bouquet of vivid yellow hue. These flowers are considered a sign of deep friendship bonds, respect, and joyfulness; they will surely amaze the recipient and lift their spirits even following a severe quarrel.



Are flowers appropriate for an apology?

Of course! If you find it challenging and scary to ask for forgiveness, a flower bouquet can help express your regret and desire to start over.

How do you confess with flowers?

Each flower and shade has its own meaning. However, there’s no need to decipher it – simply order a flower delivery and ask the florist to attach a card with a simple and sincere message for the recipient.

What should I write on a card for an apology bouquet?

Usually, just one word – ‘Sorry’ – is written on a postcard so that your beloved understands what happened and accepts your expression of regret. Nevertheless, don’t fret about tapping into your creativity and using original ideas for the apology card.

What do you say when giving a bouquet?

When presenting flowers in person, include a short emotional speech: a wish for forgiveness or a sincere confession of your sorrow. The only person who can properly convey contrition is you, after which it’s up to the recipient to make amends. So, do your best to speak from the heart and you are bound to make things right.

What is the best gift to say ‘I’m sorry’?

Every occasion requires a unique choice based on the quarrel’s gravity and how stressful it was for the person. Consider a present that will certainly cheer up your loved one and help them forgive and forget.

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