BCS IT Support: Rapid IT Support in Kent

Running a business is hard and staying on top day by day IT issues is even harder. Hence, you need a reliable IT support partner that can help you free up your time and allows you to focus on driving your business forward. You will find so many IT support companies in the UK to choose from. Among them, BCS, an IT support system in Kent, claims to make IT support actually work for your business and help your business grow through technology. With rapid IT support in Kent, BCS is one of the fastest response times of any UK IT support provider.   

Why is BCS the rapid IT support in Kent?

IT support can be very stressful if it doesn’t work correctly and on time. Many businesses operate outside the 9-5 schedule; that is why IT support should reach these businesses as fast as possible and 24/7. BCS claims to be one of the fastest in responding among the UK IT support providers, and that is in just 15 minutes. They also claim to have people around to help you keep your network up and running 24/7. 

BCS IT support plan

IT support in BCS comes with two package plans with reactive and proactive support, help you with software and training, and some additional benefits like Vendor management, Account management, Monthly reporting, and IT manager toolkit. 

IT support ‘Core’

This plan is designed for the business that needs extra assistance in IT to support the IT staff, and the plan starts from 190GBP per month. 

‘Core’ includes proactive services like:

  • unlimited proactive support including issue prevention work
  • 24/7 server availability monitoring and remediation 
  • Patch management and deployment across Microsoft and other major brands
  • Regular detailed network and Security assessment
  • Backup monitoring and remediation
  • Network monitoring
  • Regular antimalware scans
  • Proactive checks and remediation services

Software support includes:

  • Endpoint protection or antivirus
  • DNS protection or web protection

You’ll also get:

  • Full access to the BCS learning zone
  • End-user Cybersecurity training
  • End-user GDPR training
  • A dedicated training coordinator

The package comes with some additional benefits:

  • Vendor management that deals with third-party behalf of you
  • Account management and Quarterly IT strategy meeting
  • Monthly reporting
  • IT manager toolkit, access to the best in class tools for IT professionals

IT support ‘Complete’

This plan is the ‘complete’ support plan that starts from 290GBP per month. The plan comes with all the features of the ‘Core’ plan, along with some Reactive supports like:

  • Unlimited IT helpdesk support
  • 15-minute Remote support response
  • 24/7 emergency on-call support
  • Unlimited onsite emergency support, but that doesn’t include hardware failure related issues. 

How is BCS providing rapid IT support?

There is no ‘secret recipe’ for success as success knows only expertise and experience. BCS






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