Best Charcuterie Boards To Impress 


A charcuterie board is a food board that typically features cured meats, cheeses and other bite-sized treats. Party hosts love charcuterie boards because they let them add aesthetically pleasing ingredients without needing culinary skills. Here are some of the best charcuterie boards to impress your guests.


Meat and Cheese Board 

Traditional charcuterie boards originated in 15th century France and featured cured, sealed meat served sliced. It has since become a trendy food choice for parties worldwide and consists of not only cured meat but different types of cheeses, dipping sauces, and crakers or water biscuits like Tuc or Ritz crackers. These cheese and meat boards are an excellent pairing to some good wine. 


Fruit and Cheese Board

These charcuterie boards are perfect for those catering for vegetarians. The boards are similar to the classic charcuterie board but do not include meat. Combining various kinds of cheese with multiple fruits can create a colourful, appealing, rainbow-like piece of edible art. These colorful fruit and cheese boards can be perfect for a night in with friends, especially when accompanied by the equally as colorful Rainbow Riches Midnight Magic slots for a bit of fun!


Appetizer Board 

An appetizer board is a choice for those looking for a more extensive selection of foods on one board. These boards offer everything from meats, cheeses and fruits to other foods like olives, crackers, tomatoes and more. If you are having a gathering and want to make sure everyone has a choice of nibbles, appetizer boards are a great way to do that.



Next time you host a social gathering, you can’t go wrong with a charcuterie board if you are wondering what foods to serve. There is no limit to the creativity and variety of a board you can create, and it will surely be a hit with guests. 


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