Best Local Walks for Older Dogs

As winter steadily begins to give way to spring, you may be starting to entertain the prospect of longer, more scenic walks with your four-legged friend, accompanied by sun-tinged views and the bloom of new life. And, after a particularly harsh winter stuck in perpetual lockdown, who can blame you? 

But what about those dog-lovers whose beloved best friend – once a leaping, energetic pup with a zest for life – is beginning to show signs of ageing and, inevitably, joint stiffness? Just as with humans, dogs are also susceptible to the loss of synovial fluid and cartilage between their joints as they age, losing the essential cushioning needed to maintain mobile, pain-free joints. 

Walking is Still Necessary and Possible

Although your senior dog may no longer be able to handle long walks, it’s still important for them to get outside. To help them feel comfortable, consider shorter walks, avoiding too high or too low temperatures and keeping them in good health with the use of supplements. For example, with their dedication to enhancing the lives of our pooches, YuMove have developed supplements to help dogs with their joint-related difficulties. These supplements include glucosamine for dogs to counteract the loss of cushioning between joints, reducing pain and stiffness as a result. To learn more about glucosamine and how it can be helpful for your beloved pooch, check out Yumove’s website. 

Continuing regular exercise is also essential, so we’ve gathered a selection of gentle but enjoyable walks you and your dog can take together in and around Kent that are shorter and present as less challenging. Which walks tickle your fancy the most?

White Cliffs of Dover

The iconic White Cliffs of Dover are a great place to take your pooch for a lackadaisical wander across a slightly hilly, grassland terrain. The main National Trust walk leads you towards South Foreland Lighthouse (where your pup will need to be kept on a lead to avoid the fenceless cliff-edge), whilst a café provides outdoor seating and refreshments for you both. 

Kingsgate Bay

A secretive, sandy beach boasting a host of stunning features – such as chalky cliff faces – Kingsgate Bay offers a short, easy walk that’s completely dog-friendly, whether your pooch enjoys racing back and forth or frolicking in the sea!  


Although technically classified as a desert, Dungeness is actually an eerily beautiful shingle beach. Often empty and peppered with abandoned, weathered buildings, there’s plenty for both you and your dog to explore together. 

Teston River Walk

One of many exquisite waterside walks in Kent, Teston River offers luscious views of Medway Valley and historic features, including a ragstone bridge from the end of the medieval period. You and your pup are also bound to be treated to views of the local wildlife along your walk!

Reculver Country Park

With a mix of vast countryside expanses and a dramatic coastline, Reculver Country Park offers you and your pooch a variety of majestic walks across flat terrain. You can choose between parkland and coastline and, in the winter, you might even be able to spend some time looking at the thousands of migrating birds that gather here. 

Hucking Woodland Estate

Famed for its bluebells over the spring months, Hucking Woodland Estate offers a stunning scenic walk through woodland and grassland, with plenty of sniff-worthy flowers for your dog to enjoy. Best of all, nearby there’s an animal-friendly pub where you can sit and watch your pooch befriend horses! 

Each of these fabulous walks are especially suited to older dogs experiencing joint pain and stiffness, helping to keep them active whilst also being gentler on their bodies. Just remember to treat these areas with respect, picking up any dog mess or rubbish along your walk and taking it away with you.






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