Best recipes to cook using a wok


Everyone has their set recipes that they like to use every week. But sometimes you can get bored of cooking the same food all the time. One option to freshen things up is a wok. This tall, spacious pan can allow you to cook healthy, tasty meals with a wide range of vegetables, noodles and rice. Below, we explore the best recipes to cook using a wok.

Stir fry

A stir fry is a classic dish that will thrive in the wok. A stir fry is a noodle dish, usually comprised of fried vegetables alongside meat. And it’s a versatile dish too. Before making your stir fry you should choose three to five ingredients that you’d like in it. Ideally, this will be your noodles alongside some of your favourite vegetables – potentially broad beans, carrots, peppers and chilli. Then you’ll add meat or tofu if you fancy a vegetarian alternative. Once you have these ingredients, you simply fry the, in the wok together for 10 minutes with any shop-bought stir fry sauce.

Shanghai fried noodles

Shanghai fried noodles are also simple to cook. As long as you buy Shanghai noodles, you should be set up. From there, you add finely chopped vegetables to your mix – onions, cabbage and garlic work well. Then you add pork or tofu to your mix and fry it at a high temperature with a shop-bought or homemade marinade. 

Italian stir fry

The Italian stir fry doesn’t feature noodles, but it’s still simple to cook. Just add sausages or a vegetarian alternative to your wok, alongside some classic vegetables: broccoli, cabbage and carrots all work well. You then fry all these ingredients together until they become crisp. This meal is then complemented by a light amount of rice alongside olive oil.

Vegetable ramen

Vegan ramen is an excellent option if you don’t fancy meat one night. You begin by creating a broth with garlic, ginger, miso, neri goma, mushrooms, stock and soy. From there, you add tofu and rice to create a nutritious meal. 

By purchasing some woks, you can unlock a new range of dishes for yourself to cook. As long as you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you’ll be able to enjoy some new, exciting recipes. Just ensure you’re patient and practice these recipes over time and you should be able to enjoy an expanded cooking repertoire.

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