Best Tips For Styling Your Xmas Tree 

A new survey has found 1 in every 35 UK adults put their tree up on the 22nd of December. It also reported that on average, someone in the UK searches online for the term ‘Christmas tree’ every 2 seconds in the lead up to Christmas!

To help with all the last-minute prep, British furniture-makers Bridgman have shared five top tips for last-minute Christmas tree decorating.

Francesca Hadland, Styling Expert at Bridgman:

  1. Pick a theme and have a clear vision: “Pick a theme and have a clear vision. Social media is a great way to keep up to date with trends and gather inspiration from real people’s homes, as well as top stylists and brands. A particular favourite that we’re seeing a lot of across our feeds this year is hygge-inspired festive themes, where soft fabric and fur accents are used to create a rustic yet refined. Think cosy rugs, layered throws and blankets and Scandinavian-inspired elements like light woods and seasonal foliage that ground this decor style in nature.”
  2. Buy the right size tree and decorations: “Be realistic about what size tree can fit in your space and choose decorations that won’t overcrowd it. We recommend selecting a tree that’s tall enough to feel like a statement piece without touching your ceiling. After all, your star needs to sit proudly atop it without being crushed!”
  3. Make sure you start with a blank canvas: Always start with a blank canvas. Spring cleaning is a while away, so tidy and prepare your home before you start to decorate. You’ll find you have more space to work with once the clutter of everyday life has been tidied up, plus tidying up after Christmas will be so much easier.”
  4. Don’t rush the process: “Never rush and always trust in the process. Take your time to create a synergy between your tree and wider decorative scheme. Infuse the same colours, textures and styles throughout your living spaces by thinking about your home as a whole. If your tree is understated and simple, don’t go gaudy with your wreaths, mantelpiece decorations and garlands. Similarly, if your tree is dressed in gold and red, avoid choosing clashing colours like blues and whites for the rest of your home. Your winter wonderland should always be cosy and cohesive.”
  5. Make it a family affair: “Make it a family affair by getting everyone involved! Your own unique finishing touches are what will make your home’s festive decor unique to you and your loved ones. For example, go the extra mile with handwritten place name cards, a practical and pretty addition to your Christmas table that you can easily enhance with sprigs of pine or rosemary and ribbon. Small projects like this are a great way to get younger members of the family involved with some Christmas crafting.”


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