Best Trading Apps for 2023

This must be an exciting time if you’re just joining the online trading industry. You’re figuring out what instruments to trade, strategies to implement, and even the trading platforms you will use. However, we also realise that making all those decisions and settling on a trading platform can be challenging. 

Different platforms cater to different traders and have tools optimised to varying trading needs. For instance, if you want to learn how to trade by copying what other traders are doing, eToro will serve you well. Or, if you wish to trade CFDs, a platform like Plus500 is your go-to. We’ve compiled a more comprehensive list of the best trading apps in the UK for 2023. So keep reading to learn more.  

  1. eToro

eToro is an easy-to-use trading platform that allows its users to copy trades. Copy trading allows you to emulate what other, more established traders do on their trading accounts by directly lifting it and applying it to your own. This eToro feature is invaluable for beginner traders and investors short on time. 

Furthermore, the platform is home to over 3,000 tradable securities, and you will be more than covered for any trading strategy. eToro is a trustworthy platform registered in two tier-one jurisdictions and complies with the UK’s trading laws. 

  1. Plus500

Plus500 is a trading platform established in 2008 and specialises in trading CFDs. It’s based in Israel but available in the UK and perfectly safe to use. However, traders in the US don’t have access to the platform due to differences in CFDs trading laws. You also don’t have to worry if you’re not trading CFDs, as the platform offers other alternatives, such as TradeSniper, a platform specialising in trading futures. 

Plus500 enjoys a listing on the London Stock Exchange, which means you can also invest in the platform. In addition, it was the first online platform to introduce Bitcoin CFDs, which speaks volumes to its mission of bringing CFD trading to the masses. However, you will have to contend with a lack of customer support and the ability to pair other trading tools when using the platform. 


If you’re a beginner trader looking for a user-friendly platform that’s intuitive and easy to navigate, is your go-to. The platform has emphasised simplifying complex trading principles by reducing the trading process to a few button clicks. The platform also provides a wide selection of learning materials to help you learn.

You will also enjoy a wide selection of tradable assets at no commission, but overnight fees apply for extending your trades. Furthermore, you will have a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods available in 183 countries, and you never have to worry if you have to travel. The minimum deposit is $20, and you can access your account on your Android or IOs devices. 

  1. Barclays

Barclays is a UK financial service company with a long and lustrous history and is listed on multiple stock exchanges, including LSE and NYSE. However, it is essential to separate the mother company Barclays and its trading services subsidiary Barclays Smart Investor. The trading platform has registration in the Uk and other top-tier trading jurisdictions, which makes it a safe and secure platform you can trust with your investments. 

Fees on the platform are low, and you do not attract inactivity or withdrawal fees, but you need to have an account with Barclays bank to operate a trading account. Furthermore, trading services are only available in the country. 

  1. TD Ameritrade

Another platform to consider in 2023 is TD Ameritrade. The platform is best for beginner and advanced traders looking for an inexpensive way to invest in the markets. It does not charge commissions, inactivity, or withdrawal fees. But it does give you access to a vast pool of tradable assets, such as stocks, bonds, options, and ETFs. 

Furthermore, the platform also offers free research tools, excellent customer support, and mobile trading support. One notable thing to note about the platform is that it was acquired by a new company in 2020 and is currently going through a merger that will end in the next few months. But that should not affect your performance on the platform.

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