Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots in UK History

Slots are one of the most popular types of games when it comes to gambling. In fact, 70% of all gambling in the UK takes place on slot machines or online slots

Many factors contribute to the popularity of these types of games, from their stunning graphics to their engaging bonus rounds. Of course, one of the main factors is the impressive jackpots they offer to the lucky people to win them.

While table and card games have a reputation for creating big winners, slots can be just as profitable. As such, many players became instant millionaires by getting the right combination of symbols on their screens. 

Below, we’ve dug around and uncovered the biggest slot machine jackpots in UK history. These wins account for jaw-dropping sums of money that have changed the lives of countless players over the years. 

Online vs Physical Slots

Before getting into the hefty sums people have won, we should note that there is a distinction between online slot wins and those won in brick-and-mortar casinos. This is simply because big wins are more common when playing slots online. 

This is not only because online casinos offer better RTP (return to player) rates for their available slots. It is also because more players are moving their love of gambling online, as it is a more convenient and safe way to enjoy the famed pastime.

As such, all of the jackpot wins listed below were won using online slots—not from a physical slot machine. 

1. £13.2 million

The highest slot jackpot in UK history comes in at a staggering £13.2 million. The incredible prize won on October 6, 2015, occurred while the winner, a UK soldier named Jon Heywood, was playing the famed Mega Moolah progressive slot game. The win occurred on the Betway online casino—one of many great casinos reviewed on

While the jackpot itself was enough to make headlines, the bet amount that Jon played with is what really got people talking. This was because Jon won the insane jackpot by betting a measly 25p!

More amazing is that, after winning his insane jackpot, Jon didn’t tell a soul. He simply continued playing with his winnings for a few days. Eventually, he decided it was time to cash out and let people know of his good fortune. 

2. £7.9 million

Mega Moolah has a reputation for creating millionaires. The second largest win again proves this, as the victory also occurred while playing this popular Microgaming slot.

Not much is known about the winner of the insane £7.9 million jackpot that was won on August 28, 2016. The lucky lady decided to remain anonymous and is referred to only using her initials—D.P. It is, however, known that she celebrated her big win with a bottle of champagne. 

There is also something else notable about this win. It occurred while D.P. was playing the slot using a mobile device. Because of this, D.P. holds the record for achieving the largest-ever progressive slot jackpot win using a mobile device.  

3. £6.3 million

In 2017, a player who chose to go only by the name of Neil decided to register a player account with Casumo, an online casino that he’d heard about from a friend. After depositing £30 to play, he settled on a popular slot called Hall of Gods. 

Amazingly, after playing just £4 worth of bets, he became one of the luckiest men in the UK at the time. This is because he won the £6.3 million jackpot just moments after he started playing. 

Never having played online before (and clearly not trusting his family very much), Neil thought that his family had organised the fake win as a practical joke on him. So, after seeing his big windfall, he called his friends and family to come and confirm that the victory was real. Luckily for him, the win was a legitimate prize, and he became an instant millionaire with just a few quid. 

4. £6.2 million

The next big win also belongs to a player that chose to remain anonymous after his windfall and is known only as Wellzyc. Wellzyc, who struck it lucky in December of 2016, was playing the Mega Fortune slot when all the lights on the bonus wheel suddenly went dark. 

Thinking the game was malfunctioning, he reached out to customer support to see if there was an issue. However, when the announcement from the slot came on the screen saying that he had won the £6.2 million mega jackpot, he couldn’t believe his luck. 

After confirming with support that the win was, in fact, legitimate, he made a statement saying that he was grateful for the security that the victory would bring to his family. He also hinted at a trip to Disneyland for his kids—a great way to spend some of his massive winnings. 

5. £4.5 million

The last winner on our list is a librarian from Glasgow, Scotland. The lady, who chose to remain anonymous after her big win, won her life-changing amount in January 2016. As with many other wins on this list, her win was a record-breaker at the time. 

Her win occurred while playing a progressive slot called Jackpot Giant on her Android mobile device. At the time, her win of £4.5 million was the most significant mobile device win in UK history and was also the second-largest jackpot in Playtech’s game history. 

Like Neil above, this lucky librarian bet only £4 before hitting her massive jackpot. More surprising, however, is that she continued to work the next day as if the win had not occurred. This is understandable, considering she admitted that she was in a state of complete shock following the win. 

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