Bike-Friendly Kent: How to Plan for Summer

Biking is an excellent way to spend a summer day or even a short weekend away. It’s great for your health and will take you through areas you’d never see or only pass by in a momentary blip in a car ride. Biking can be done on your own, with friends, or even with the whole family – it could be a great way to encourage your children to do some exercise and learn to love it!


In general, biking is a great way to spend your time, so there’s no better time to start planning for your summer experience right now. 


Get Your Bike


If you haven’t already got a bike, now is the time to invest. If you’re currently looking to buy a bike but are torn, always choose the bike that best fits your primary activity. Single speed bikes, for example, are the primary choice for commuters for their easy ride and lightweight design. Those same road bikes can be taken out of the city for short trips away. After all, if you’re biking to work every day, you need an option that will fit that scenario that can then be adapted for a once-in-a-while holiday. 


Get The Right Clothes, Food, & Drink 


Prepare yourself by getting hold of the right type of clothing, such as aero and regular fit jerseys, cycling shorts, gloves, and helmets. Cycling gear will aid your pedalling, improve your movement, and is more suitable for sweat and wet weather. Make sure to pack plenty of food and drink for your trip and discover what gives you a much needed burst of energy for when you need it. 


Think About Your Route 


There are so many great trips throughout Kent to take. To help make your planning as hassle-free as possible, you must choose your route in advance. These are the best routes that can be handled by any kind of bike: 


  • The Viking Coastal Trail: The Viking coastal trail combines stunning coastal scenery with charming villages and picturesque towns, and it can be completed even with a road bike. It’s an epic coastal trail that runs along Thanet’s coastline, starting at Birchington-on-Sea and winding its way through to the delightful bays that dot this gorgeous stretch of coastline. 

  • Sandwich to Rye: Adventure into smugglers’ territory by following national routes 1 and 2 through the atmospheric Romney Marsh, along cliff paths and quiet country lanes.  


  • Heron Trail: Discover the hidden treasures of the Hoo Peninsula with the Heron Trail, a 15.5-mile cycling adventure that takes you through an area steeped in literary history and maritime heritage. The region is home to a diverse range of castles and forts, making it a great trip with plenty of stops for the whole family.


  • Canterbury to Dover: Embark on your own personal Pilgrim’s Progress with this magnificent 50-mile (80km) circular ride that links Dover, Canterbury, and Folkestone via Regional Routes 16 and 17. The route offers a delightful mix of leafy lanes, bridleways, rolling hills, woodland, country villages, and hamlets.  


Keep It Simple. Advance in Time 

Don’t just jump straight into a lengthy, more difficult bike route. Start off simple and work your way up. These simple routes can help build up your experience; eventually, you’ll be ready to take on more challenging routes like the full 32-mile route of the Viking coastal trail. Likewise, until you’ve got the experience, avoid taking the full Sandwich to Rye route of 56.5 miles in just one day. Start by taking it in stages. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent rail links along the coast.

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