Breathe new life into your business with call tracking

Striving for new levels of growth can be difficult in your business. However, if you’ve found yourself needing to breathe new life into your marketing, then there’s one tool you should incorporate right away:

Call tracking software.

This article will take you through what call tracking is, what it can offer you, and how it can revitalise your business.

Read on to learn more.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking is an advanced tool that helps you accurately monitor all your customer calls, and reveals a range of essential data surrounding each call.

The right call tracking system can also take this one step further, and offer extensive data on customer engagement across your entire marketing. 

The insights and reports allow you to establish the ‘bigger picture’, in terms of your marketing performance.

With a firmer grasp on how effectively you’re engaging customers, your software can give you everything you need in order to elevate your business.

What does call tracking offer?

When it comes to your customer calls, the software will give you access to a variety of essential data, which can include things like – how long it takes until a call is answered, the caller’s phone number, the caller’s area code, the call abandonment rate, and more.

For customer engagement, the software uses a range of intricate metrics to establish different aspects of interaction across your business. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Customer calls produced by different marketing sources – The software can show you the specific marketing sources that produce each customer call. This can be your emails, for instance.
  • Activities that deliver inbound enquiries – Each time you receive an inbound enquiry, you’ll be able to see which touchpoints the customer visited before converting.
  • Website visits from various activities – When you receive a visit to your website, you can trace the activities that each customer interacted with prior to landing on your website.
  • Important keyword performance from calls – You can establish a range of keywords which are relevant to your business, so they can be identified in call conversations by the speech analytics from your software.

How can call tracking revitalise your business?

Call tracking is the perfect tool to bring new life to your business, and it does this in a wide variety of ways. This includes:

  • Tracking your high-quality leads

The software will offer a range of detailed insights and reports on customer engagement, which you can then use to create customer journey maps.

These maps can highlight the marketing sources which are consistently delivering high-quality leads. These are customers who show a strong interest in your services, and often end up converting to a purchase.

Therefore, you can focus on developing these sources, to ensure the high number of quality leads continues, and increases further.

  • Enhancing your marketing activities

Using call tracking, you can also enhance your marketing activities to significantly boost leads and sales.

The software can help you identify the areas of your marketing which are creating the most engagement.

Following this, you can find out what aspects of these activities make them so engaging for customers. This way, you can replicate these elements in any new approaches to your marketing, to generate higher numbers of leads and sales in these activities.

If you’re wondering how to bring your business’s marketing back to life, you should now be convinced that call tracking is the perfect solution.



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