Can Writing Help with Mental Health Improvement?

The decline of mental health is becoming a growing concern of the 21st century. Such an issue is particularly expressed in young people and college students. It seems as if the stress from school and early adulthood stages has a serious effect on their mental health development. Yet, students tend to spend more time dealing with homework than mental health issues, which is a mistake. 

As a student, you can always find help in school, ask professors or peers for assistance, hire professional help from or similar writing sites, etc. Yet, you are the only one who can work on your mental health improvement. No one else can help them unless they recognize the issues first. Fortunately, there is a perfect way to work on your mental health improvement from home. Young people just need to spend more time writing and less time being in their heads. Here are three ways personal writing can help you prevent or treat mental health disorders. 

Practice self-awareness

Writing can help people learn more about themselves. Indeed, there is no escape from your true self in writing. Everything else will look fake or wrong. You have no other choice but to write from the bottom of your heart. In fact, many people get surprised at seeing how much truth can come to the surface once they give writing a chance. 

The thing is, the more time you spend with a pen in your hand, the more you let go of your mask. Eventually, it’s just you and the paper to put your thoughts on. It’s like you are having a dialogue with your mind. Overall, reflective writing can be an excellent practice for preventing and dealing with mental health disorders. That’s why, when choosing between spending hours of reflective writing or academic writing, choose the former. 

Students can easily find help just by reading some reviews and contacting the platform. Academic writers will do great work on your essay at any time. Yet, only you can do reflective writing on yourself. So, starting with your mental health is best, while professionals take care of your grades. 

Serves as a safe space

Paper has no judgment or opinion. It’s just there to support any thoughts, emotions, and ideas you want to put on it. Paper will carry it all without complaints or gossiping. It’s the safest place you can put all your worries and fears. That is why writing can be such a beautiful thing to do when you have no one else to talk to at the moment. Write down anything that crowds your thoughts and doesn’t let you think clearly. Release those emotions and give space for your feelings. 

Having a safe space to release all your emotions can drastically reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, it helps you better evaluate your thoughts and feelings. First, you can have a better picture of them on paper once they are out of your head and in the real world. You can read them as many times as you need to evaluate their meaning and importance. Perhaps, they won’t be as scary as your mind pictures them.

Secondly, you stop being afraid of your fears by writing them down. People need to face what they are scared of to stop being tortured by it. Paper can be a safe and friendly environment to do so. 

Also, by writing down your thoughts and feelings, you show yourself that they matter. You learn to accept having those thoughts and put value in them by taking time and care to formulate them in writing. Thus, you not only admit to having those feelings but recognize the importance of expressing them. Perhaps, after writing those things down, your next step will be sharing them with people you trust. 

Bring more order and control

Writing can give your life a higher sense of control. Anxiety often starts out of chaos. It’s the period when you can’t tell left from right. People with anxiety may feel overwhelmed, stressed, chaotic, and not in control of the situation or even their lives. That’s when anxious and depressive thoughts start to creep in. Chaos is the productive soil for mental health issues. Fortunately, writing can help you bring more order into your life.

Thus, a regular pen and paper can help you untangle the chaotic stain of thoughts. You get to pick your thoughts one by one and put them on paper. Thus, with time, all your obsessive thoughts will find a place in a perfectly controlled place which is your notebook. Next, you can look at all those worries and thoughts up close. Analyze each of them. See if they are as scary separately as your mind was trying to tell you. Find solutions to each issue and write them down next to each problem. Giving answers will help you resolve chaos even further.

Thus, you already have an action plan for each anxious thought. It makes things more manageable and less scary to face. Moreover, seeing all your anxious or harmful thoughts on paper can ground you and bring you back to reality. Hence, you can see a new perspective on things, find a new stand, and realize that you may need help or rest.


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