Celebrating some of Kent’s fastest growing businesses

In an ever-competitive world, the need to be financially sustainable as a business is crucial now more than ever. The last couple of years has been challenging for firms, especially due to the ongoing pandemic. But while some companies have crumbled under the sheer strain, others have flourished.

There was a list published recently entitled The Sustainable Growth 100, which provided a complete rundown of the 100 fastest growing businesses in Kent.

And what is fascinating, is to see the different types of businesses that finished inside the top 10. Coming in at number one, Wood Finishes Direct Limited has enjoyed more than 1,600% growth over the past four years. Wood Direct, for example, provides bespoke wood products, and they pride themselves in delivering great customer care, as well as having specialist knowledge.

Whereas, if you look at a site like Aquaread, they have made a name for themselves by launching water quality instruments. With the help of input from global customers, they have managed to make a significant impact in the industry.

Financial advisers Kreston Reeves were responsible for compiling the list, which celebrates the hard work of Kent businesses. Explaining the motivation for and the reasoning behind curating this list,
Rob Sellers, who is a partner in the audit and assurance team, said:

“The purpose of this list is to identify the most financially sustainable 100 fastest growing companies in Kent. “It is a list of those companies that have generated growth in profits which have been retained in the business to ensure they remain financially sustainable in an uncertain economic environment protecting their businesses and their employees.”

There have been other success stories too. Gallagher Group, which was ranked second on the list, is a leading engineer company. It employs over 300 staff, and it has experienced an astonishing growth of 1,400% over the past few years.

Indeed, retail and service companies have flourished, but we can also point to the amazing success of the entertainment industry. This hasn’t just been the case with big streaming platforms, such as Netflix where the nation binged on TV shows, such as Tiger King, or even Twitch where people could watch some of the biggest matches in eSports.

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continual basis head-on.

Of course, there are still some uncertain times ahead, but the Kent businesses that were identified in The Sustainable Growth 100 should be applauded for how they have responded to the demands of their customers when they have needed them most.

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