Could Horse Racing Become As Popular As A Virtual Sport?

Today, everything is digitalized. However, the sports betting world still relies on real games. This is soon changing with the advent of virtual sports. Let’s take horse racing, for example. People can now bet on races even if there are no races in the real world. These are called virtual races.

Many sportsbooks across the globe are now relying on virtual sports so customers can place their wagers anytime they want. These races also come with multiple predictions and odds from various bookmakers. This adds to the excitement. Here’s a look at how these virtual races are changing the face of real horse races and what the future holds.

Is Virtual Horse Racing As Popular As Esports?

The popularity of virtual horse races is on the rise. More and more casinos are now catering to this demand, which has given rise to new eSports casinos that only feature virtual sports.

However, there is apprehension from many. Some bettors believe these virtual races are not as unpredictable, and their results can be manipulated. However, that can be the case with real races as well. Match-fixing allegations have surfaced in the past, so the apprehension toward virtual races is not justified.

Another reason virtual horse races are popular is that people can bet regularly rather than waiting weeks or months to see the next race. Virtual race bets can be placed at any time and from anywhere. The best part is virtual horses do not get hurt, and there’s no cruelty toward them.

Why Do People Love Betting On Horse Races?

Horse racing has been popular for decades for a good reason.


Horse racing is known to give a rush to the viewer as no other sport can. The excitement of seeing horses pass each other on their way to the finish line is something no other sport provides. Yes, other sports are exciting; horse races are not as time-consuming, and they keep the spectators and owners on the edge of their seats.

Risk Management

Another reason horse races are popular is due to risk management. People have the time to research the horses and their past results and then place their bets. Bettors are provided with all sorts of information, such as the horse breed, training level, and the jockey’s skillset. This helps bettors make better decisions in terms of their bets.

Betting Options

Horse racing also gives bettors different betting options. Besides the regular win and loss, bettors can also predict which horses finish second and third. Some sportsbooks even allow bettors to predict the first four or five finishers. This tests the knowledge of the bettors and keeps them excited even when the winning horse crosses the finish line.

Betting At The Tracks

Another great thing about horse races is the ability to place bets on the track before the race begins. Bettors can also change their bets based on a change in weather conditions or any other reasons. Some bettors even place online and offline bets to improve their winning chances. This is something not many sports allow you to do.

While horse betting has been popular, it is not considered entertaining anymore. Most people visit races only to place bets. This has tainted the sport a bit and allowed virtual sports to take over.

Why Betting On Virtual Sports Makes More Sense?

There are several advantages to betting on virtual horse races. For starters, there are new races every minute, unlike the real world. This allows bettors to bet more and increase their chance of winning.




Another great thing is bettors can place their bets 24/7. Since virtual horses do not suffer from fatigue or injuries, there is no chance of a horse not participating or running poorly. From an organizer’s perspective, virtual horse races are cheaper to host rather than major racing events.

There are flip sides to this new virtual trend as well. Seeing virtual horses race is not the same as real horses. Yes, the software may be top-notch, and the horses may look realistic; however, it’s not the same.

The excitement with virtual races is also not the same as real races. You won’t see people screaming as the races are on because these virtual horses cannot hear you.

What Is The Future Of Horse Racing?

While the popularity of virtual races is on the rise, there is a slim chance it will take over real races. Both have the potential to co-exist. The market for real horse races is massive, and the organizers may not let go of this revenue stream that easily. Virtual races may continue increasing in popularity, and the number of events may increase. Virtual sports are rising, and more sports may come up over the next few years. Whether they will replace real sports is to be seen.

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