Creating A Digital Photo Album For A Loved One Abroad: 9 Ways To Make It Special 

Photos are a special way to reminisce and show love for others. For anyone living abroad, away from friends and family, it can feel isolating and lonely and having photos to look at are a key way to avoid these feelings. Getting a digital photo album as a gift from a loved one back home can be an excellent way to improve mood and reduce feelings of isolation.  

There are many tools available for anyone looking to make a digital photo album as a gift for a loved one. Some experimentation with the various software available may be needed to find the one best suited to the job. Photo quality is also paramount, as the lower the quality, the less appealing the finished product will look.  

Compile It In A PDF 

PDFs can be an excellent option for anyone who wants to make their own photo album. It is important to know how to convert JPGs to PDF and then format the document to make it look appealing. PDFs are incredibly versatile, making them an ideal platform for any DIY photo album. PDFs can also be compressed, allowing quick and easy delivery to the recipient.  

Narrow Down The Photo Selection 

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, most people have more pictures than they know what to do with nowadays. This can make narrowing down the options for a photo album a bit of a challenge. A good rule of thumb could be choosing one or two photos from significant events or images that have a lot of familiar faces in them.  

Getting suggestions from others for images to include can also be helpful to ensure nothing important is missed. Old family photos can also be a good idea, as they will call back precious memories for the recipient.  

Learn More About Photoshop 

Photoshop is a crucial skill when creating a digital photo album. The images in the album will need to be consistent and print well if a hard copy is required. At the least, it is important to know how to brighten or darken an image, rotate it, and crop it. Getting more creative with photoshop and making some silly or playful changes to photos can also be a good option.  You can also resize an image or scale it to fit a specific frame or layout.

Tell A Story 

While photos alone can make an excellent gift, including some writing can be a good way to tell a story. This could include a letter to the recipient at the start detailing why they’ve received the book and what they mean to the people back home. Having captions that include the date, place and event for each image can also help ensure that the photo album proceeds in chronological order.  

Include Messages From Other Loved Ones 

A good way to make a photo album even more special is to include messages from loved ones. This could take up the last few pages of the album or be interspersed throughout the images themselves. An excellent way to get a collaborative effort could be to assign parts of the album to different people in the recipient’s life. This will ensure that all aspects of their life is covered, giving them a comprehensive and thoughtful gift.  

Put The Final Choice Photos In A Separate Folder 

Once the images have been narrowed down, it is vital to keep them in one easily found place. Having a folder for the final selection can be a great way to keep track of everything. A folder for edited images can also be helpful to keep edited and original pictures separate. The pictures should be named with the date and event to make it easier to organise them in the finished album.  

Choose High-Resolution Images 

The higher the resolution on an image, the better it will look in print. This can be tricky to manage when crafting a photo album with pictures taken on various devices, which may differ significantly in quality. Making lower resolution images smaller can make them appear sharper, though it is best to avoid making images too small overall.  

Design A Front Cover 

Look for a suitable design for the front cover of the album. Including the recipient’s name and an image with many of their loved ones can be a great option. If the photo album focuses on a specific event like a wedding or holiday, consider making this the title of the photo album. Use a stylish font that suits the tone of the photos overall.  

Send Them A Hard Copy 

Having a hard copy of photos can be just as meaningful as receiving a digital photo album. Consider sending the album digitally initially before sending the hard copy at a later date. Including some keepsakes and mementoes with the photo album can make the gift even more special. This could form part of a care package to remind the recipient that people are thinking of them back home. 

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