Demand Surges for Skip Hire in Kent – Here’s Why

Until recently, if households needed more space, they followed the trend of moving to a larger home. However, now we can see a massive shift in the attitude of homeowners – instead of moving out, the latest trend is to renovate the existing and improve the interior space.

According to data, over a quarter of households in London alone decided to renovate rather than move – the underlying cause of which has to do with the rising property costs in the UK. The increase in home renovations is massive, and this trend has been observed higher among the younger population aged between 18 and 35.


Top Reasons for Renovation Surge in the UK

The housing costs in the UK are anticipated to rise through 2022 and continue to rise in 2023. That said, in response to the high buyer demand but the relatively lower level of property available, the property market is out of the reach for many households in the UK,

In fact, the property prices are going to be pushed higher – rising up to 5% by next year. Things like these have slowed down the U housing market – not to mention that the recent home sales also incorporate stamp duty and the potential increase in interest rates.

Apart from the surging property rates and a slowed housing market, moving in itself is disruptive and expensive for most households. Speaking of the political scenario in England – the uncertainty of Brexit has also put many people on hold.

So, people in the UK are predominantly choosing convenience and prefer staying in their current properties and investing in their current homes by renovating and indulging in DIY home projects. Some feel that staying in the same community is easier than taking up the cudgels and moving to an entirely different place.


Potential Challenges of Home Renovations

People are increasingly opting for home renovations, but home improvements aren’t cheap. The average home renovation project takes up to five months to complete, which is why households keep looking to save on renovation costs as much as possible.

That said, the easiest way to go is by decluttering one’s living space and adding space to their existing home without the costs of the typical home extension.


Why Home Renovations Require a Skip Hire 

If you are renovating your house or a commercial building, things will get a bit messy, which is why you will need to manage the waste effectively – speaking of which, you will be more likely to need a skip-hire service. The skip hire ensures that the waste is disposed of in a legally and environmentally-friendly manner.

Skip hire services offer households and businesses peace of mind with a sustainable solution at an affordable cost. Whatever your recycling and waste management needs are, the best skip hire company will meet them by collecting your waste from anywhere in the UK.

Acknowledging the rising demand for skip hires, Director, Martin Walker of Reliable Skip Hire Kent stated, “The demand for skip hire in Kent at the moment is the highest on record – it’s presented a real challenge for the company to handle the increase in demand coupled with rising fuel prices and a shortage of qualified HGV drivers.”

The following two things impact the costs of hiring a skip:

  • Size of the skip
  • The duration for which you want to keep the skip

Once you have decided to opt for skip hire, as a homeowner (or a business owner), you will have to consider the place where you want to place the skip. You will also need to assess whether a permit is required to place the skip in your location.

And as mentioned before, you will have to know the exact duration for which you will have the skip, as it will impact the potential cost of your skip hire.

Once the skip hire service collects the waste, they will transfer it to their authorised waste treatment facility to process the waste. With the UK’s recycling rate of 99%, the skip hire service can help households fulfil their environmental obligations.

So, if you are planning a home renovation, you will want to call your local skip hire providers and fulfil your human commitment to avoid landfill. The skip hire company will segregate and sort the waste – thus, you will be opting for a complete waste management solution.

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