Do cats really have nine lives?

Any cat owner knows that their pet has been in a few scrapes and seemingly come away unharmed. The saying goes that they have nine chances to keep their mortality, but do you ever wonder if this myth is even true? In this article, we will share our thoughts on whether or not cats really have nine lives.

Do cats really have nine lives?

In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that cats were gifted nine lives by the gods due to their uncanny ability to stay alive in the worst of situations, but in some countries, they were said to have seven instead. Regardless of the number, the myth that cats did not have just one stemmed from their amazing survival capabilities. When a cat falls from a small height, it escapes injury to its spine by righting itself. Back in the days when we lacked access to information, it was thought that this was the work of an external force.

Why are cats so good at escaping harm?

Although the idea of cheating death through an old Egyptian folktale is a bit far-fetched, it is true that cats are highly adaptable creatures to not just our world, but the natural one too, blending the best of both survival skills for them to utilise in dangerous situations. They have impeccable ninja skills due to their ability to land on their feet and be flexible in their actions, so escape comes both easily and naturally to them. Also, if you worry about your pet being busted by a dog when he or she goes outside for an adventure, just remember that your furry friend is a close descendant of big cats such as tigers and lions so can be incredibly fierce with animals larger than themselves. If the two were to brawl, it is the dog who should be worried!

Can a cat be fatally hurt or injured?

Absolutely. If a cat falls from a large height, the chances are that it will not survive, even if it lands on its feet. Similarly, big fights with predatory wild animals, such as weasels or foxes, can lead to serious injuries that can easily turn septic. As a result, it is important to protect your beloved cat both physically and financially. You can do this by taking out insurance for them, which we offer at Wherever you choose to put your faith into covering your vet bills for your animal is up to you, but taking responsible actions as an owner to ensure your pet lives a strong, healthy and happy life is essential.

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