Do’s and Don’ts for the Perfect Christmas Proposal 

  1. Is PDA your partner’s love language?

As exciting as a proposal surrounded by friends and family may feel, it may not be everyone’s first choice…when planning the special moment, consider whether your partner would prefer the moment between just the two of you or whether packing on the PDA is their Christmas wish!

  1. Don’t get the ring muddled in with everyone else’s gifts

Planning a proposal can be intense, especially if you are going for a complete surprise! We recommend finding somewhere away from under the tree to hide the ring – this way no family or friends will get there first – or even worse… your fiancée-to-be!

  1. Pick a ring your other half will love all year round…

Although Christmas is full of sparkle, not everyone’s taste is! Ensuring you pick an engagement ring your partner will love is absolutely key. There are a lot of options to think through however, you can read our handy engagement ring guide here or follow these simple starting tips:

  • Which metal? (we always recommend basing this on three things – how your partner dresses, their current jewellery pieces and taste)

  • Which color stone?

  • Which style cut?

  1. Consider waiting for Boxing Day…

Christmas Day always gets busy with family dropping in and out, food in abundance and often one too many glasses of wine… With this in mind, we recommend holding off proposals for boxing day or the time between Christmas and New Year. This means you will always have a special day to enjoy post-Christmas and an excuse for another celebration!

  1. Enjoy it!

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and combining that with a proposal can make it even more special. Although the actual act of getting down on one knee can be daunting, we always recommend taking some time for the two of you to soak in the special moments and enjoy them together.

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