Everything You Need to Know about CCJ


It is a fact that the majority of people do not repay the loan that creates certain societal problems. Although financial institutions follow strict policies for loan approval, still, some clients categorize them as bad debts. However, for individual lenders, it proves tougher to recover the loan amount from a client, and ultimately, cases proceed in court. 

CCJ is a county court judgment that extends a legal action towards the guilty party after analyzing the whole scenario. When a person receives official notice from CCJ for repaying the loan, he has to follow the order and this is how it works. 

Court listens to both sides and for all debt-related conflicts; people prefer to get the issues sorted by a court instead of exaggerating the dispute. Here, we have disclosed some facts about CCJ so let’s dive into the details. 

It Works For Both Parties 

Some people have a wrong perception about CCJ as they consider it a lender’s favoring institute, however; this is not the case in reality. It facilitates both parties including lenders and borrowers and issues result in the light of facts and evidence. 

You can file a case against a lender if he is trying to recover an excessive amount other than pre-decided. The court holds the right to seek evidence from both parties and if a party denies accepting the decision of CCJ, it can be held accountable for further legal actions. 


Legal Action within 14 Days 

When a case proceeds in court, the guilty party has to pay the claim amount within 14 days. This is the best thing about legal proceedings because the victim party does not need to wait for a long time. You can claim a collective amount including base and interest. Make sure to mention the percentage of interest and the time limit of repaying the loan. 


Keep Everything in Written Form 

We suggest everyone keep things in a written form as otherwise, it can prove difficult to manage evidence at the time of court proceedings. Whenever you lend or borrow an amount, get that written on with the date and other details and make sure to get the signature of the second party. 

Apart from it, now most of the transactions are taking place online so it is crucial to turn on the screen monitoring while sending the loan amount online. 

You can present these videos as evidence in court. Verbal communication has no value in legal proceedings. Lenders should make sure to get the client’s form filled and signed with mandatory documents before accepting any loan application. 

Give 7-Day Notice Before Bailiffs Visit 

Some lenders seek permission for sending bailiffs to the borrower’s place. Debt retrieval is not an easy thing and lenders have to follow certain tactics to get the amount recovered. However, it is crucial to inform the borrower regarding the visit of bailiffs so you should send him a 7-day notice. 

If you do not send a notice and give a sudden visit to the borrower’s place for debt retrieval, it may cause problems. Therefore, it is crucial to keep yourself on the safer side and play wisely. 


CCJ Removal from Credit Record 

If you want to get the CCJ removed from your credit record, it is crucial to pay the amount within the defined limit set by the court. Once you pay the amount on time, you will get the record removed from the history. Registry trust limited website publishes the details including the names of people with a bad credit history or CCJ claims. 

You can access the information by paying a small fee of four to ten pounds. Lenders should check this website before approving the loan application of any client. 


CCJ Protects From Personal Disputes 

If a lender tries to handle the matter alone, borrowers may try to harass or threaten him. It is not appropriate to get involved in a dispute especially when legal institutions can help in sorting out the issue. 

CCJ protects both parties and once you get legal assistance, the matter would not be personal because the guilty party has to follow the court notice. You may wonder what is a CCJ and how does it impact me. The best way is to do detailed research on Google and check the facts there. You can even get assistance from a lawyer too. 


Court Judgements are Made Public 

You should be aware of the fact that court judgments regarding debt retrieval are published on the website publically. However, one can access this information only if he pays the fee, which is minimal. The reason for publishing the information publicly is to facilitate lenders who want to stay on the safer side.  Lenders can approve the loan applications of only those whose name is not included in the list.

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