Expert Reveals The Benefit of Wood Burners vs. Central Heating!

For those wanting to save money on energy in 2024, considering installing a wood burner is a great option! With energy prices rising this year, using a sustainable heat source like wood is an attractive option for many homeowners looking to cut costs. On January 1st 2024, the energy price cap set by Ofgem increased by £94 per year for a typical household paying by direct debit.

This raises the average total bill from £1,834 to £1,928 annually. The price per unit of energy also rose significantly. Electricity increased to 29p per kWh, while gas rose to 7p per kWh. Standing charges increased to 53p per day for electricity and 30p per day for gas.

These latest price rises continue an upward trend in energy costs over the past few years. With further volatility expected, finding alternative heating sources like wood burners is understandably appealing for many.

How much could a wood burner save you?

compare energy costs of wood burning stove vs central heating

Installing a wood-burning stove offers a sustainable way to heat your home without relying as heavily on gas or electricity. An efficient model can significantly reduce energy bills.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, an average household in the UK could save between £260 to £720 per year by switching their primary heat source to wood. However, savings do depend on the age and efficiency of your current heating system.

Replacing an older gas boiler with a new wood burner will likely result in more significant savings than upgrading from a newer model. But in most cases, making the switch reduces annual heating expenses.

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