Familiar Activities That You Can Enjoy On Your Next Coastal Holiday Abroad

There are many activities to enjoy when you live in Kent, including countryside hikes and water sports. However, while you might adore these activities, you might occasionally want to do them somewhere a little bit different. 

If this is the case, here are some of the top familiar activities that you can enjoy on your next coastal holiday abroad, and that you won’t not spend a week or two in a foreign country missing. 

  • Charter a Yacht

The coast of Kent is scattered with sailing clubs that can get you out on the water and that can give you the thrill of riding the waves. If you want to expand your experience of the high seas, you should consider looking for a destination that will allow you to spend a lot of your time out on the open water. 

However, if you’re tired of sailing yourself, you should consider chartering a yacht. This crewed yacht will allow you to lounge in the sun and focus on sightseeing as you’re steered between destinations, and your crew might even point out interesting views as they appear. This means that you should consider hiring a skippered yacht charter for your next trip. 

  • Go on a Bike Ride

There are many stunning cycle paths around Kent that take you past historical villages and along beautiful country lanes. However, rather than feeling as if Kent has it all, you should take the skills that you’ve learned from cycling in Kent and apply them to a new and different destination. 

Many coastal towns have an array of cycle paths for you to enjoy and get around on, and you might even be able to cycle along the coast. This will give you the opportunity to look at stunning panoramas for hours at a time while keeping active. However, you’ll need to look around for a reliable bike hire company in the area before you go, and you might even consider hiring a bike in advance. 

  • Go to the Beach

When you’re heading out on your next coastal adventure, it’s important that you don’t settle for any old beach. Kent is home to many wonderful beaches that you might often have wiled away the hours at. 

However, if you’re looking for sandier shores sprinkled with palm trees and much warmer weather, you might look for destinations that have an array of awe-inspiring beaches for you to sunbathe and play beach sports on. You might also check the tide patterns of these beaches to make sure that they’re safe to swim at. 

  • Try Wildlife Tours

There are many wildlife tours that start from Dover and the White Cliffs and that allow lucky spectators to see dolphins, seals, and other marine animals. If you’ve seen every creature there is to see off the coast of Kent, you should consider expanding your horizons and opting to go on a wildlife tour elsewhere. This can give you a much greater variety of animals to spot and will allow you to use the observation skills that you’ve learned at home elsewhere.

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