Fancy a Day Out in Kent? Here are Some of the Top Attractions You Can go and See

Visiting London is always a fantastic way for you to have the best day. If you want to escape the city for a while, then this is the guide for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit some of the top wineries around or whether you want to see some of the finest castles for yourself, because this is the guide for you.

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Shell Grotto

The Shell Grotto is a strange maze of underground tunnels. It was first discovered in the year 1835 and this happened when someone was trying to dig for a pond. Why should you go? Well, while we don’t know why this grotto exists, it’s safe to say that it is a stunning location for you to visit. There are millions of shells, and you can spend the entire afternoon walking through a subterranean space. There is a café upstairs and if you visit this part of the grotto then you will soon see that there is a T-Rex head that is made entirely out of shells.

Chartwell House

Chartwell House is home to various personal artefacts. It’s also home to a lot of Churchill’s paintings as well. The expansive grounds are open to families as well as dogs. When you pay this location a visit, you will see that there are various woodland trails as well as lakes. There is a kitchen garden as well as a playhouse, which is made entirely out of brick. Make sure that you keep an eye out for the cat that lives there too. Churchill’s family requested that a marmalade cat that has white socks and a white bib is always present at the house. This tradition is still followed to this day.

Oyster Festival

Over the weekend, the locals of the area celebrate fishing and eating. They also explore the history of oysters as well. So why would you be interested in this? Well Kent is known for having a fantastic coastline and it is renowned for sea molluscs. This is especially the case in Whitstable, where you will find a lot of native oysters. They have been harvested since the Romans laid down their roots. The Whitstable Oyster Festival is truly one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the cuisine that this location has to offer. During the festival, you will soon see that you can view the landing of the oysters.  You will see the oysters collected in the morning, you will follow a parade and then there’s the eating competition. You will then help to build traditional “grotters” out of the shells.


Stark is actually a London-styled restaurant, and they only serve ten people at a time. You will be able to pay for a six-course menu and you can also stay there all evening. The reviews are incredibly favourable, and the owners, Sophie and Ben are absolutely passionate about what they do. You should know that they do tend to book up very quickly so you will need to try and get in as soon as you can if you plan on staying in the area.

Margate Dreamland

Why would you go here? Well as time goes on, more and more great events keep popping up and this is truly one of the best places to go. The seafront venue will offer you vintage theme parks and you will also be able to take advantage of the roller disco too. There is a dedicated play over and you have a huge range of beverages too. You also have massive gigs and club nights if you want to take advantage of this.

Kentish Hare

This is a pub that has a huge range of vegetarian dishes. They also have a weekly steak night as well. So why should you go to this location? Well, you will find the finest orange and beetroot salad, and they also have five-spice tofu noodles. They also have offerings where they offer steak and a carafe of wine for a very affordable price. The brothers who run the restaurant are often seen on the television.

Take a Tour of Canterbury

Canterbury is one of the oldest towns in Kent. The area dates back to Roman times and recent discoveries have shown that there are many old buildings in the area. Some of them contain ancient artefacts which are now actually on display in the Roman Museum. In this day and age, it would seem that Canterbury’s town centre is full of charming streets and historic buildings. It’s very easy to get lost here, but if you do, then you may find that there are many charming pubs to keep you occupied. You can spend a lot of your time exploring this town, and of course, the old pubs that line the street are not to be missed either. If you smoke, then you may want to take some nicotine pouches with you. The main reason for this is because pubs do not allow smoking indoors, and it can be difficult for you to find somewhere to smoke outside the museums too. You can find nicotine pouches at Snus Boss and when you do pick some up for yourself, you will soon find that you can easily enjoy your time out without having to stop for a cigarette.

Fish on the Green

This is another restaurant, and they have two rosettes as well. They focus on serving both classic food and they also serve a range of contemporary dishes too. The seafood is all fresh from trawlers. So why should you go? It is an hour away from Victoria station and it is the closest place if you want to have the best time. Even though the restaurant does serve a lot of fish, you should know that they do have a range of non-fish options as well. They also have a vegetarian dish. Make sure that you save room for dessert though because even though the menu does change on a regular basis, it does have things like peanut butter parfait, panna cotta with buttermilk and even rhubarb and lime shortbread.






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