Final Games of Cambridge Rugby Club’s Season

As Cambridge Rugby Club approaches the end of a thrilling season, four pivotal home games remain, promising spectators an exciting bouquet of skill, spirit, and sportsmanship. Each of these matches at the newly daubed Ellgia Fields offers a unique draw, encapsulating the essence of rugby’s enduring appeal.

Cambridge Women vs. Tabard, 7th April, 2:00 PM

First up, the Cambridge Women’s team faces Tabard in a fixture that promises to showcase the resilience and talent of the squad. Hertfordshire’s Tabard Rugby Club, known for their competitive edge, will undoubtedly provide a challenging match-up. Expect a match filled with strategic play, plenty of flair, and an exciting atmosphere.

Cambridge Women vs. Westcliff, 13th April, 12:00 PM

The following week as the first part of a double-bill blockbuster, the action continues for Cambridge Women as they take on Westcliff. Essex’s Westcliff, a team with its own set of strengths and a passion for the game that rivals Cambridge’s own, will look to make their mark. Fans should anticipate a spirited contest, as both teams vie to dominate the pitch with skilful tactics and unyielding determination.

1st XV vs. London Scottish, 13th April, 3:00 PM

Later that same day, the 1st XV squad faces London Scottish, who are looking for revenge after their defeat to Cambridge. London Scottish’s visit to Cambridge will be a highlight of the season, drawing fans from near and far. The match is expected to be a hard-fought battle, with both teams eager to assert their dominance and secure a win in front of a roaring crowd.

1st XV vs. Ampthill, 25th May, 3:00 PM

To close the season, Cambridge’s 1st XV will go head-to-head with Bedfordshire’s Ampthill in a late May showdown. This encounter is steeped in anticipation, as both teams have had their share of ups and downs throughout the season. Ampthill Rugby Club, known for their strategic gameplay and robust defence, will test Cambridge’s resolve and skill. This final home game is one you’re not going to want to miss!

Don’t Miss Out!

So, whether you’re cheering for the women’s team or the 1st XV, these games are a testament to Cambridge and its proud rugby club’s vibrant culture. So, mark your calendars, wear your team colours, and join us in celebrating the end of the season in style. Let’s fill the stands, cheer on our teams, and make these final home games of the season memorable for players and fans alike.

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